I didn't know what to do,

I couldn't tell her the truth,

But I can't bring myself to tell another lie

They told me to follow my heart and not my head,

But what if my head and heart both say the same thing,

They both say leave,

But a small part of my head and heart say stay,

My eyes refuse to look the other away,

And my feet begin to move freely,

But they don't walk towards her,

They walk away,

Away from the home we both shared,

But suddenly they stop deep in their tracks,

My whole body turns to face her,

My eyes lock with hers,

I feel her crying,

I just wish I could wipe her tears,

But my fear won't let me,

It creates a barrier between me and her,

Her beautiful brown eyes,

I'm drowning in them the more I stare,

I want to drown,

I want to drown with her,

I want no one to rescue us,

Let us die,

Let me die,

That way she can explain,


It scares me,

So I leave her with child,

Her child...

My child...