The World Caught Me


That's the title you take,


Because you're the one who has power,

Power from head to toe,

Power to create,

And power to take away,

You're here for the world,

But no one's here for you,

No one's here to wipe your tears,

And no one's here to comfort you in times of fear,

Sometimes the world becomes too much,

You try and try to please it,

But it seems the harder you try,

The less they accept,

Further and further away they push you,

But you're determined to close the gap,

The gap which the world has created,

You drive yourself crazy,

Night and day,

Just wishing,

You'd be accepted,

Your mind feels poisoned,

But your heart stays pure,

You fight for the world,

But the world fights you

You're standing on the edge,

Ready to take that fall,

The world doesn't want you,

And neither do you,

Your armour is no match,

Your strength has been snatched,

No life left in you,

News just in,

The soldier of the world is about to leave,

But if you leave,

The world will be alone,

No one will catch it if it falls,

You spent your life catching the world,

But the world failed to catch you,

Then you jumped,

But woke 2 hours later to see a nurse and doctor,

Look around to see you're not in heaven,


You ask what happened,

The nurse replies,

When you needed the world the most,

It caught you.