Us or I

My mind works different to yours,

Probably because I'm different to you,

We have similarities,

But our differences are the ones which bring us together,

It's hard to realise it at first,

Maybe it's because we think we can never be,

But opposites attract,

So does this mean we have a chance?


Or maybe we're just two peas in a pod,

Searching for something new,

Fighting for something different,

Hoping to find love before we enter the next world,

But not all of us are lucky enough,

Some give up hope,

Lose their faith,

Stop searching because love,

Love is what upsets us the most,

Cupid shoots his arrows in all directions,

So our tiny minds lose hope,

But the next person we see or meet,

We try thinking of another perception,

Just to see if we can try again,

Just one more last time,

But remember that's what you told yourself last time,

This is definitely the last time,

Love failed,


A week passes,

Meet another Romeo or Juliet,

And hope to give love another try,

One last time,

It won't hurt,

I learnt my mistakes from last time,

But the last time is never enough,

Our last time is more like our thousand time,

Time and time we try

Try searching for love,

Try searching for a person to trust,

Try searching for someone who matches,

Try searching not for an I,

But for an us