The Friendship Which Passed

Walked as a pact,

We were unbreakable,

But somehow we broke,

Separated and moved on,

Lived life,

But on our own,

No longer as a group,

We broke off,

We broke away,

Never fought for the lost friendship,

Instead we let it rot, die, fade away,

Never learnt from our previous mistakes,

Gave in,

Let the miles of life overtake us,

The rules we dismantled,

Went back together,

Without a touch from any of us,

Still held onto the memories,

Just the funny and upsetting ones,

Usually we all met half way,

But were so far away from the half way line this time,

Our friendship passed,

We buried it 5 feet under,

That last foot still waits to be buried,

But none of us have the courage,

Instead we stand around this friendships grave,

Turned away for a second and found our tears,

They buried that last foot,

Our abuse still stands,

Ours bullets continue to fly from side to side,

Wound upon wound,

But still we never learn,

Then suddenly we found,

Our memories can no longer be relived,

Instead they can remind us,

Of the friendship we had,

The friendship we buried,

The one which no longer lives.