Save The Hero

I'm the girl who looked up at the stars,

Every night I wished for a hero,

A hero to protect me,

A hero to help me,

One that would never leave my side,

Carry my heavy burden when I'd think I was going to flat line,

Screamed and screamed,

Can anybody hear me,

I'm here,

Right here,

Waving my hands higher than the rest of the world,

Shouting louder and louder,

But my call became quieter,

Lost my voice,

And drowned in my sorrow,

My hero never came,

I'm the girl who was forced to become my own hero,

Carried the world on my shoulders,

Never had a moment to myself,

No one ever helped,

Hid myself in a disguise,

No amount of words or gestures can ever bring me back,

Back to my past life,

I became the soldier the world depended on,

Cried for years upon years,

Standing on the frontline,

Living the lie that I was perfectly fine,

Died more and more in this mind of mine,

People never found me,

They concentrated more on envy,

But the more they envied,

The greater I became,

I realise now,

I'm my own hero,

Given too much to the world,

So i became lost,

Deserted like a buried treasure no one cared to look for,

If I can save the world,

With a mighty heart and head,

Then I can save myself,

I know what I need,

I can provide,

This complex mind of mine is what keeps me alive,

I'll be my own hero and I'll carry the world,

If it needs me I'll hold it,

I'll be there,

Help it through the hurricane,

And provide comfort during the rain,

No more screams and no more tears,

Rest your head right here and close your eyes,

No more nightmares not while I'm here,

Because I'm here,

To save the world,

I'm here to be its hero,

I'm here to be my hero.