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Loopsided Grins

Chapter 1: Karma

"So, what is your name again?" I asked the poor girl that was standing before me fiddling with the hem of her shirt. Seriously am I that scary? Sure I have the frizzy hair and when I'm mad I look kind of crazy, BUT, that is not the case right now. Yes, because right now I'm just trying to make this poor girl standing before me sign a piece of paper that will state that she accepts to be part of the students association.

"M-Mary", she finally stated. Well, I guess now I can get back to my beautiful and simple life. I wrote her name in a hurry and shoved, I mean, handed the paper to the meek girl. She yelped a little and let the paper fall to the floor. I sighed. I have such a bad karma. I mean I'm the only one here accepting inscriptions because all members of the student council are too busy eating lunch. Seriously, I don't even belong to the council! Meanwhile the girl finally resurfaced and looked at me, her brown eyes holding a little bit of anger. Who knew the shy ones could feel such heavy feelings?

"Sorry about that. It tends to happen when I touch things", I explained and she gave a shrug, something between the lines of 'as if I care'. Ouch, what a mean girl.

"No really you should believe her. She is well known around campus as God of Destruction", an annoying deep voice said behind the girl. Said girl hearing said voice flushed scarlet, gave a yelp and turned around startled. I looked up to the face of the person before me.

"Thank you for the compliment, Parker. Now, if you don't want to get crushed by the so called 'God of Destruction' I advise you to go away." James Parker was what you can call a pain in the ass. Why do you ask? Well, because it is exactly what he is. He's the type of guy that has the charm and the ability to dazzle any girl, the worse part of it? He knows he has, which makes him an arrogant and conceited prick.

"Oh darling you wound me so much", he told me with a thick British accent. Yes, he was born in England, and yes the girls love when he talks that way… Me, not so much, but then again, I really don't matter in this equation. "Did you really sign for this shit?" And now is attention was all directed to the poor girl that under his scrutiny shrank visibly. Not so angry are we? But then again I had pity for the poor girl; James looked as if he wanted to kill her.

"Y-yes", the girl answered and that only fueled his anger. James didn't like the student council president, William Price. Well, I guess the right expression is not 'didn't like' it's more… To tell the truth, they despised each other, the reasons though, we're unclear.

"Tsk, I can't believe this! You're brain washing this people!" He turned and glared to me but his dark blue eyes soon we're directed to the brown haired girl that looked at him in fear. "And you! You should know better. Come on? Is it too much for women these days to get a fucking brain? You see a pretty face that as a sweet smile and guess what? You're trapped!" He yelled and the girl visibly paled. Heck, she was practically shaking. And so, because of that I decided that it was time for me intervene.

First step: make you presence noticed. Yes, that was what it said on the book about how to handle a discussion that I read in the library two weeks ago because I had a death hour. So I cleared my throat. And it worked! Immediately James attention (and the girl's too) was on me.

"I think you made your position clear Parker. Now, people have the right to choose who they want to lead them, it's a free country after all", I told him and he gave a low growl. I guess pretty boy doesn't like it when people lecture him. "Besides, how dare you to insult woman to that extent? Saying that they fall for every pretty face, well, that is not true! For some might be, there are plenty of air heads in this campus, thank God, but let me remind you, if you get what you want it's because they do fall for guys with only good looks, because guess what?! If that wasn't true you would not have such good luck in getting laid." Who knew?! This actually felt good! Maybe I'll be a good lecturer some day. Or I could even write speeches for politicians and what not. I bet that I would make some sweet money with that…

I was awake of my reverie by a sneer. "This place disgusts me. And you, you disgust me the most." He looked at me as if he expected better. This guy is cu-cu on the head, that I'm sure.

I shrugged my shoulders and grinned a little. "Sorry about that, you might want to go away, if you stay too much time in my disgusting company you might get stomach ache." I told him, and that seemed to do it because he immediately walked away, taking sure long steps.

The girl looked at me as if I had grown another head. Right, she was still here. I bet she wants to thank me. Finally, I did a good deed today so maybe my karma will change and who knows something good will happen.

"Are you stupid?!" The girl practically yelled at my face. I must say I was shocked by such behavior. I just saved her ass and this is what I get? What the hell is wrong with these people?!

I must have been staring at her with a quite dumb expression because she rolled her eyes at me. "I thought I was doing you a favor by taking away that punk. I mean, he was yelling at you", I told her and to my surprise she snorted and crossed her arms.

"Alright, you really are stupid after all. Who cares if he was yelling at me?! He was THE fucking James Parker and he was talking to me. Do you really think that something that awesome happens frequently in life?!" Alright, that's it. What was the girl's name? Oh yes, Mary Jane or some shit like that. I'm going to call her parents and tell them to get her to a shrink.

"I don't follow", I told her sincerely and it just seemed to piss her off even more.

"You don't follow?! You don't follow?!" Ouch, she even repeats herself to be more dramatic. "You don't follow because everything is so fucking easy for you! You have the looks, the brains and the friends. Or do you think that I don't know who you are, Alice?! You say that kind of stuff about people because you don't know how it is to be a nobody. So do us both a favor and next time if you want to defend me or make some fucking self righteous lecture, don't."

And with that the girl stormed out leaving me with my mouth wide open. Wasn't she supposed to be the shy girl? Jesus, I'm against stereotypes but this dept of character is just ridiculous.

I looked to the ground. Her inscription was on the floor. She must have dropped it again. I sighed and laid my head on the table.

And whose fault was that this happened? First of all it was all because of those student council pricks that loved to have lunch together. Bunch of sissies. But, most of all it was that James Parker fault.

I scrunched my nose in distaste, that guy only meant trouble.

"I leave you alone in that table for a whole hour and you manage to get in James' bad side, again, and get insulted by a freshman girl. Fun-fucking-tastic." Those were the words that left my best friend's mouth when we were sitting in a coffee shop near the campus, two hours after the accident.

I fiddled with my hair nervously. "Well, he started." I told her in what seemed to be a firm voice but she raised her brow at me and I soon found out that after all it wasn't.

"You're an idiot", she told me and I snorted not so attractively.

"He was insulting the poor girl! How was I supposed to know that she was in fact a masoquist that liked to be verbally abused?" I defended myself as I drank the rest of my coffee. Hayley, my best friend grimaced at the sight of me slurping down my coffee.

"You need to start understanding that for some people having the privilege to speak to James is something outstanding. Come on, he is, after all, the most wanted bachelor in the zone." She explained and then again I snorted.

"He's still and asshole," I referred as she rolled her perfect crystal blue eyes. Hayley, Hayley Berry, no pun intended, was what you could define as some kind of queen among the students of Silver Bridge College. Basically she was a friend of everyone, she was pretty and she was nice. Not like those girls that just pretend to be nice. Nope, she was really nice. That's was probably why she was so popular and why William practically begged her to be the student council vice-president. In the end she accepted, and that was probably one of the most important factors that made William president. Sneaky little one he is. But Hayley, contrary to popular belief wasn't on the council only to show up and look pretty; no she was an active participant. Basically Hayley was almost like a saint that came down to earth. At least for the ones who admire her by afar. Well, she wasn't mean but she was no saint either. She was a party girl, she liked to drink, she liked boys, oh, and she loved to gossip. Still she was my best friend.

We kind of clicked in our freshman year, she was already popular and me… Well let's just say that I was me. She told me that she liked me right away because I was so weird. I still don't know what is so weird about me but she told me that I really don't need to know that for now.

Hayley sighed and pulled her long brown straight hair from her ponytail. "Well, let's ignore what happened for today, and start talking about more interesting stuff." She gave me a sneaky glance that immediately put the alarms in my head of 'heavy gossip' ringing like crazy.

"What is it this time?" I asked her in a bored tone, now should I ask for another cappuccino or not?

"Ask for the damn cappuccino this should be long", she stated and rolled her eyes at me again. Was I that predictable?

After asking for another two cappuccinos Hayley take a long and deep breath and looked at me straight in the eye. "Your lovely ex-boyfriend got a girlfriend." She said and I actually choked on the coffee.

After some coughs I looked at her with watery eyes. "Seriously? Richard did?" I asked her with a small smile tugging on my lips.

"What the hell are you so happy for? The girl is a leech! She is loud and she is an air head." She snorted. "She is not good for Richard, and he can forget it if he thinks that he can bring that thing to our house." She complained and took a long sip of the drink as if to calm herself.

Now, I should probably start explaining a few things. Well, my ex-boyfriend Richard Green was actually my best friend. Weird, right? Let's just say that I and Richard dated during our entire freshman year, until we both came to the conclusion that, we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, the spark had died and now we were just people that knew an awful lot about each other, which automatically made us best friends. Maybe I was supposed to be sore or held any regret towards him, but I can't. Richard is someone I love dearly and I am really happy that I dated him. Heck, I lost my virginity with him, which is another thing that should made me really pissed off, because I'm supposed to lose my virginity with the person I truly love.

What a whole bunch of crap!

This is real life and besides, guess what? Virginity is something that is easily overrated. I'm not saying that we should forget about our virginity and fuck since we have our first sexual urges. God, no. But, I'm saying that we have to accept the fact that nowadays it's almost impossible that we'll lose it with the one we'll spend the rest of our life with. Actually, I'm pretty happy it was Richard, because since we were so comfortable with each other it wasn't any bit of awkward to lose our virginity. Yup, Richard was a virgin too, he might not show it, but at first he was a really self righteous guy. But now that we don't date anymore he turned himself in a somewhat player. This is what he gets with hanging around so much with James. Well, carrying on, after we broke up and found we were best friends, me, him and Hayley decided to live in the same apartment because we clicked so well.

And there it is. The story of my life.

"Why would you oppose to her of all people? It's not like he doesn't bring any new girl each Saturday night home," I told her and looked at her closely. "There is something that you're not telling me."

She bit her lip and looked away. Well, guilty as charged. She took another sip and straightened her skirt. "You see… He's dating Claire." She finally spilled. This time my mouth made a perfect 'o' shape. Claire and Hayley hated each other. Basically it was more a dispute of queen's that anything else, but Hayley also told me that Claire slept with her high school sweetheart. Even I that was known as being a block of ice, and apparently an idiot too, thought that that made her an official bitch.

"Well I'm sure Richard isn't serious about her, than." I told her and I saw her clench her hands.

"I don't care! I don't want her any near my fucking house, making out with Richard in my god damned couch!" She told me furiously making some of the people in the coffee shop stare at us as if we were insane.

Now this was unusual, usually I was the reason why people stared at us, I guess today was the other way around. "I suppose we could try to talk to Richard about that issue…" I suggested and she shook her head vehemently stating a clear no. "Then what?"

"I won't tell you anything my friend. Today she is coming home for dinner. That slut has the guts to come and have dinner with us, Richard invited her! And then, when you see what kind of girl she truly is, I know you will know exactly what to do! I know!" She remarked again and shook her head fiercely.

I sighed and casually leaned to look at my watch. My eyes immediately budged, it was this late already?!

In a hurry I got up the chair and pulled my bag, unfortunately one of the straps was underneath one of chair's legs and by pulling it I knocked the chair down making once again, everyone look at us. I cursed silently while I picked up the chair and put my coat.

"I'm late for my anatomy class. Professor Jenkins is going to kill me." I told Hayley quickly as I walked off the coffee shop. It was already October and it was starting to get chilly, at least I thought so because I could barely feel the muscles of my legs that weren't covered by my black pencil skirt. Or maybe it was because I was practically running that it felt so chilly down there.

"So glad you could make it here Miss Knight." Professor Jenkins told me as I opened the door. I sighed and he squinted his eyes at me. Ugh, I hated when he did that. "Sorry I lost track of time. May I still assist class?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders, a little as Mary did. Assuming it as an yes, I quickly walked around the lab, it was practical class, I equipped myself and headed to the center of the room where the Professor Jenkins was now telling a frightened boy how was the correct way to open the pig's chest without spilling unnecessary blood in case if it was alive. I really didn't understand why, we, that wanted to be scientist and genetic researchers needed to know how to open and perform some basic surgery's. But well, I'm too tired to think about it and too ashamed to make a fuss about it today.

Finally class ended putting an end to this oh so dreadful day. Sighing happily I gingerly walked down the halls while trying to doge every student trying to run me over. Finally I succeeded and actually made it to the schools entrance without having any further accident. Maybe sticking up for that ungrateful girl was actually considered a good action up there. Suddenly someone cleared his throat behind me. Turning around I instantly frowned.

"How can I help you?" I asked no other than James that by the way was standing in a relaxed position leaning against the wall, one hand on his pocket and another wrapped at some girl's waist. I tried to not crinkle my nose in distaste but as soon as I saw his smirk I couldn't stop myself.

"Hello Knight, how are you doing?! I was actually wondering if that freshman as already made you a statue for sticking up to her, but, I looked around campus and I guess not." He gave me a lazy smile than and the girl that was by his side curled her lips in obvious anger at me while looking at me thoroughly. I think she didn't found me that special because soon enough she gave me a small victorious smile and turned to look again at James that by the way as ignoring her.

Seriously, am I the only one that sees this?!

"Are you going to say something helpful? I'm wasting my time here", I told him, my gaze looking at anywhere but him because right now the girl was actually sucking on his neck quite fiercely. He seemed to notice this because he chuckled softly and detangled himself from the girl's arms. The girl pouted but remained quite.

"Just saying that I am allergic to peanuts, since today dinners at your place," He told me and I frowned. Dinner is at my place? What the fuck is he talking about?! Then I froze.

Richard was going to get it when I arrived home.

I looked up only to face James full smirk. He was actually pretty close; now that I analyze it his dark hair seemed almost black in the sunset light. I frowned at this; it made him look even better. And no, I'm won't chastise myself for saying this because I admit that James is indeed a very attractive man. I guess he was one of the few that only got the good genes.

Then an idea came to my mind. With that my hand shot up and I grabbed his arm. He looked surprised but quickly recovered. "God, I can't handle it when you get rough baby." He told me, his voice husky.

I rolled my eyes. "Really? Well that is just great, actually, I have a really rough job that I need you to do." And with that I started dragging him to my car leaving the poor girl looking rather shocked standing against the wall.

What was even stranger was that James was letting himself be dragged for he could stop me if he pleased.

Just to clarify a few things first. As you can see in my profile I'm portuguese, so my English isn't that good. I'm still trying to find a beta for my story, but I made an effort so that everything could at least be read.

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