~There's a lot of lying and these are people who are incredibly flawed, and not in very sort of empathetic ways, either. Some of the things they do are pretty awful and some of the things they do to each other are pretty awful~

Benry's gray eyes scanned around the lot full of people. A cigarette hung loosely between his thin lips watching the people around. This was his school. As soon as the bell rang at the end of last year and those reports clicked over in the computer it became his. The spot use to belong to Stephen Michaels. For the last two years of his high school career he was in charge, people fell at the feet of the dark haired brunette, wanting to be him, wanting to be with him or be like him and now that he was gone it was Benry's turn to take control of the school his brother once ran.

"Yo Ben," Andrew, his long time best friend, climbed out of his truck and shutting the door.

"What's up Andy?" Benry inhaled deep on the white stick.

"Not a lot," he slung his bag over his shoulder, his twin sister Abby climb from the passenger seat.

"Hey Benry," she flashed a smile, him giving her a wink that made her blush. Abby was cute in the obvious ways, her hair was platinum blonde and hit at her shoulders, her eyes were a match to her older brother's at a sea green and her body, well it was perfect.

But she was his best friend's sister and even he wouldn't do that. No matter how many times she offered, which was a lot, he just couldn't bring himself to do that.

"Dude you know those things are going to kill you right?" Andrew nodded his head at the small stick. "I thought you told Taylor you quit?"

"I do and I did," he breathed out the smoke, it mixing in the warm air. "But then I started again," he shrugged not seeing the big deal. "She'll just bitch about it later but whatever."

"I don't think it's that bad," Abby slid her hand over his taking it. "It's relaxing I think," she placed it in her mouth.

"Whatever," Andrew ran a hand through his sandy blond hair glancing around the parking lot. "Damn I'm not ready for school."

"That's because you are still hung over from the summer," Abby laughed, flicking the end of the cigarette and handing it back to Benry.

"Were you ever sober at any point this summer?" Benry scratched his hair covered jaw, tossing a look at his friend.

"Were you?" he hit back and Benry just chuckled both knowing the answer to that. Their summer was full of beach parties, sex and booze and it was very enjoyable.

"Benry Michaels!" the yell could be heard around the parking lot and he dropped his head with a groan.

"Fuck," he muttered, dropping the end of his cigarette, stomping his foot on it and sliding it back under his car.

"Told ya," Andrew chuckled, always finding when Benry got in trouble a little funny. He loved his best friend, he did. They had known each other since first grade when Benry punched him in the nose over a crayon. But watching Taylor Willows, the only girl in school he knew who could make Benry feel guilty, rip Mr. Big Shot a new one was always fun.

"Shut up fuck face," he grumbled punching his arm, watching the fuming girl storm towards them. "Tay, baby girl how was your weekend?" he flashed a smile that normally made girls go weak but not this one.

"Don't you weekend me Benry Clarence Michaels," she snapped and a small chuckle escaped his friends.

"Clarence?" Andrew brought up a brow wondering why he never knew that. Benry's icy eyes quickly silencing him.

"You promised me you stopped that shit," she stood in front of him, her violet eyes blazing into him.

"Jesus Taylor it was just one," he growled.

"It's never just one with you and you know how I feel about that. I lost my dad because of that and I don't want to lose my best friend too," he saw the hurt flash through her eyes and he felt guilty.

"I'm sorry," he slid his hand over her shoulder. "It was my last one, I promise this time."

"It better be or I'm kicking your ass," she gave a playful glare making him chuckle. Taylor and he had literally known each other since birth, well her birth. He was about one when she was born and their mother's were best friends since they were about ten. She was without a doubt the most gorgeous girl he had ever met and he had met a lot of girls.

She had jet black hair that trickled down to just the mid of her back. Her parents were very much the hippy like growing up and let her always express her creativity which is why you would always find some color painting through it. Last month it was a random strip of green, now it was a blue. Her skin flawless, high cheek bones with some pink blush brushed across it and her eyes purple, not fake, no contacts just naturally purple with a black dot planted on the right one.

When she was born; she had a small defect that left her vision terrible in just that eye and she had the smallest black dot you couldn't miss. She was self-conscious of it only because she was afraid people stared at it, thought there was something wrong with her but Benry always told her it was beautiful and it was; her beautiful flaw. She was a junior, a year below him and his friends but everyone knew she was connected to Benry's side. They loved each other but not in a romantic way, more of a sibling kinda thing.

"Now come on," Andrew went, swooping Taylor in his arms, making her squeal. "Let's take Princess to her castle," he teased.

"Andy put me down!" she slapped his hands, wiggling in his grip.

"Be careful Princess you don't want me dropping you," he teased and she growled.

"Don't call her Princess Andy, she doesn't like it," Benry warned knowing that was one word that would send Taylor over the edge. She would rather someone refer to her as a bitch then Princess.

"I know, I know," Andrew rolled his eyes, skipping up the steps to their large brick building. By passing all the envies eyes of people wishing to be in the crowd they were in.

"God, why do we put up with him?" Abby flipped back her hair, sliding her arm through Benry's.

"Because we've been around him to long to let him leave, he's like a lost puppy and might get run over," he shrugged making her giggle. Them all rounding the corner in the hall, a shoulder colliding with Abby and papers go flying, a small body crumbling on the ground.

"Hey!" Abby shrieked making a hall of eyes land on them. "Watch where you're going next time."

"I'm sorry," the timid girl scrambling to her knee, shuffling up all her papers. "My fault."

"It was your fault," she snapped, the boys sharing a look and rolling their eyes.

"Abby chill yourself," Taylor flipped herself from Andrew's arms. "I'm sorry sweetie, you ok?" she sunk down to help. Glancing at the girl who looked completely modified with tears pooling in her eyes.

"No, I'm really sorry," she pushed her glasses up on her face. "I just can't find out where I'm going and this school is so big. Way bigger then my old one and I'm really sorry."

"Honey…" Taylor placed her hand on top of hers to calm down the rambling girl. "I meant from your fall," she said and the guys snickered making her blush.

"Sorry, yes I'm fine," she pulled back embarrassed.

"Ok good," she shuffled the papers in her hand and handed them over, offering a hand and helping her up. "Now," she wiped her hands on her jeans. "Why don't we see if we can find you where you're supposed to be?" she flashed a warm smile that made Abby want to gag.

"Oh no, you don't have too. I…I'm sure I can figure it out," she stuttered pushing back a brunette strand from her face, trying to trap it back up in her messy bun.

"Nonsense," Taylor flapped her hand. "I don't mind, as student body president of my class it's my duty to show around the new students. So come on um-"

"Collins," she told her quickly. "Collins Hewitt."

"Hewitt?" Andrew corked a brow with a small smirk.

"Yes," she nodded, curling herself into her coat. Not very much enjoying the look the two boys shared before looking back at her.

"I'm Taylor, Taylor Willows," she introduced sticking out her hand which Collins slowly took. "Now come on, let's go get you an easy route through this big school," she dropped her arm over her shoulder and turned her around.

"Bye Miss Hewitt," Andrew grinned, Taylor punching him in the arm, sending them all three a glare before walking down the hall.

"God, Taylor always has to be Mother Fucking Theresa," Abby muttered, stomping off towards her locker and friends.

"Hewitt," Benry smirked watching the small girl walking through the crowd. "Hey Andrew-"

"Already on it," Andrew slapped his shoulder and walking off.

Benry watching the dark haired brunette disappear down the hall with his best friend. A small smirk on his face thinking his year might have just turned a lot more interesting.

"Hello my love…" Andrew walked into the front office, his signature smile plastered across his face.

"Andrew school literally just started, how on earth are you already in the office?" the red headed leaned back in her chair, pushing her glasses to the top of her head.

"Jeri is that any way to treat your all time favorite person?" he leaned on the counter getting an eye roll from the girl in front of him.

"Trust me baby doll you are by far not my favorite person," she tapped under his chin before spinning in the chair and walking over to finish the filing. "Stop looking at my ass Montgomery."

"Stop putting it in my view Evans," he smirked loving the noise of disgust that escaped her. Driving her crazy was by far one of his favorite school activities. "But I need a file."

"You normally do," she knocked her hip in the cabinet shutting it. "But I'm not helping you this time. Whatever game you and Benry are playing I'm not helping."

"Why do you always think the worst of us?" he mocked offence and her perfectly plucked brow arched. "Maybe we are welcoming a new student and just want to know more about her."

"Her?" Jeri crossed her arms not believing a lick of what he said. "If it has a girl involved there is some little plot you two are doing and I'm not helping anymore."

"Jeri come on," he rounded the corner of the desk she was behind, dropping down on the top. "Ok, what if I don't ask for the file but you just walk off?"

"No," she repeated, snatching her key from the drawer. "Ya'll want to find out about someone, you do it the right way."

"And which way is that?"

"Well I know this is so out there for you two morons but…" she leaned real close to his face with a smirk. "Ask them," she gave his cheek a slap and walked back towards the back offices.

"That's a stupid idea."

"Well that's the only one you're getting from me. Now go, you aren't allowed back in this room," she shut the door.

"I bet the sex isn't even worth your attitude," he grumbled, racking his brain with what to do to get the info he wanted. "Hey freshman!" he yelled at a group of kids in the hall, all pausing to look at him. "Umm…" he walked out scanning over them. "You," he pointed at the smallest one who looked as if he was about to wet himself. "What's your name?"

"Oh uh Drake…" his eyes stayed wide not at all stupid to the fact Andrew Montgomery was talking to him. He knew who this large man was and he knew you do one wrong thing and he can destroy you, him and his group of friends.

"Drake cool, do you want to make fifty bucks?"

"So you know where everything is now?" Taylor asked as she handed over all the girl's papers.

"Yes I think I have it. Thank you again Taylor for helping me. Today has been just one of those days where everything is going wrong," Collins frowned, knocking her dark hair from her face.

"It's ok, we all have our first days and we all most definitely have a bad day, but hey you need anything don't hesitate to ask," she gave a perfect smile, glancing down the hall and nodding at a friend.

"Oh thank you but I think I have it now, but again thank you and I guess I will see you around," she gave a nervous smile, ducking her head down and slipping off into the large classroom.

"Strangest girl," she shook her head, spinning on the heels of her black boots and heading down the hall, something suddenly latched onto her arm and yanking her inside an empty classroom. "What are you doing?!" her heart raced in her chest at the fear of someone seeing them.

"I had to see you," he brushed back her black hair, sliding his hands down her sides and resting in the back of her jean pockets. "I haven't gotten to see you all weekend because I had family stuff I had to deal with."

"Yeah I know, I spent the weekend alone," she crossed her arms and pulling back from him.

"Hey," he gripped her chin turn her to look at him. "Don't be like that. I have some serious stuff going on right now."

"Well why don't you just talk to me about it? All you do is keep secrets from me! You never tell me a damn thing." her hands clutched into a fist, her fake acrylic nails digging in the skin.

"Secrets?" he let out a harsh laugh. "Like you don't keep secrets?" he hit back, her eyes blazing into his dark ones. "What would that best friend of yours do if he found you in here with me right now?"

"Benry has nothing to do with this," her jaw locked and watched the fire rush through him at the mention of her friend.

"He has everything to do with this and honestly I'm getting really sick of this shit," he shoved himself away from her and out the door.

"God…" she slammed her head into the back of the chalk board, closing her eyes and breathing in deep. Hating the torn feeling she felt in her chest.

"So," Benry leaned against his locker, watching the small girl fiddled with trying to get her locker open. She wasn't his normal type of girl but she wasn't that bad. Her hair was almost a chocolate color if he had to guess from this distance and her body he was sure couldn't be that bad it was just hidden but she was pretty tall. He shouldn't call her a small girl because she was anything but, skinny yes but short not even close. "What did we find out?" he questioned, cutting a glance at his best friend before returning them back on her.

"Well her name is Collins Hewitt…"

"Which I know," he rolled his head along his locker to his friend; wanting information he wasn't aware of yet.

"Don't be an ass, I'm not finished," Andrew said winking at some blonde who giggled and blushed walking by.

"Andrew focus with something other than your dick for a minute," he said and his friend sending him a glare that made him chuckle a bit.

"Well jackass, she just moved here about a week ago. Apparently from some small town in Georgia or something but she's a sophomore but that might change in the next few weeks."

"Why she going to magically just zip through classes?" he arched a dark brow and his friend quickly shook his head.

"I didn't really get it but something about her classes back home are in different order then ours here. She was in boarding school or something and once they sort everything out she might be bounced into a junior."

"Age Andrew," he snapped his fingers.


"Legal," he scratched his chin knowing he never went after girls younger then sixteen. Being only seventeen he knew that it really wasn't illegal but he had his own rules.

"Very legal for you," Andrew agreed. "But then the final part and probably the best. Our little Miss Collins Hewitt is most definitely the cousin of Bradley Hewitt."


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