~Every man is thoroughly happy twice in his life, just after he has met his first love, and just after he has left his last one~

"Cols," the large body dropped down beside her with a smile. "How's your first day been kiddo?"

"Terrible Bradley," she groaned slamming down her pencil. "I've been lost about a million times, walked into a classroom thinking it was a bathroom, announced embarrassingly to that class room I had to pee. I'm in about three classes I've already taken and did you know that your school does everything backwards?"

"Backwards?" he corked a dark brow confused.

"Yes! I mean who takes algebra II before taking trig? I took that class my freshman year and then ya'll take American History before World History? Two classes of which I've already taken I must add! And I have to have electives? What the heck is an elective!?" she busted out and he started laughing.

"Alright," he chuckled taking all the papers from her hands. "Let's see if we can figure you out," he flipped through until finding her schedule. "You do know you are like ahead of everyone in your class right?" he scanned over the paper, laughing at the fact he thought his cousin could possibly be ahead of him.

"Yeah well ya'll only have six classes that last all year, back home I had five a semester and after Christmas break we got a new schedule and new classes."

"That's insane."

"That's the way of life," she sighed sinking back in her chair. "The life I knew, the life I want back," she got a sad expression washing over her and he frowned.

"You need an Econ class," he tried changing the subject and take her mind off things. "It's a senior class but you've already taken all the other histories that are needed to graduate. Talk to your counselor and see if you can get it first period with Mrs. Days. She is really cool and would help you if you need."

"Ok," she watched as he scratched out her first period and changed it on her schedule; so thankful to have him around. Growing up they were close until the age of about twelve because then Bradley hit the stage of sports and hanging with friends but they've kept in touch and over the last few months when her family and her really needed him he's stuck around. And she loved him for that.

"Do you like gym?" he wondered and her brows scrunched together. "Oh Collins come on, it's an easy class. Plus I can get you in there when I have it. I can look after you there."

"I don't like getting all sweaty…"

"You don't get sweaty," he rolled his brown eyes that mirrored hers. "I'll put you in sports."

"Sports? Bradley, do I look like the sports type?"

"No, but it's that or weight lifting, which I know you won't do. However sports aren't that bad I swear. At the beginning you do fifteen minute run, which everyone walks, around the top of the gym and then afterwards it's almost like games. People play basketball or volleyball; some keep walking but most just sit around hanging out."

"How can you get a good grade in that then?" she questioned not wanting to fail something because she doesn't want to do volleyball or basketball.

"Change out and show up regularly," he said with a grin making her laugh agreeing. "Look at that you picked an elective. Now let's look at the rest of these classes."

"Ok," she grinned, thinking maybe the year will be a whole lot better with having Bradley with her.

"Jeri," Bradley walked into the front office looking to find the red haired girl, but coming face to face with one of her best friends.

"Jeri has first period student aid, I have fourth," she flipped her dark hair over her shoulder staring at him. "Need something?" she arched both her dark brows and he nodded.

"My cousin," he slid the paper up to her. "She needed to get her classes all sorted out and was wondering if there was a way to put her at the top of the pile."

"Is she a senior?"

"No, she is supposed to be a junior but she is put in sophomore classes, classes she has already taken," he explained and she chewed her lip looking at the paper in front of her.

"They let seniors have top picking on classes, they need them to graduate," she spun back in her chair and over to some papers she needed to file.

"I know that but come on, she is new and it's not her fault that the school is different from back home. The only class on her list that is a senior class is first period Econ and I know there is an opening in there."

"Let me check," she groaned sliding her chair to the computer and skimming through it. "The class is filled for first, but if she wants to drop her third," she glanced down at the paper with crossed out classes and Bradley's terrible writing scrawled next to it. "I may be able to get her into Econ that period with Mr. Browns."

"Mr. Browns?" he groaned, dropping his head with a growl. "Taylor, Mr. Browns is an old jackass who should have retired ten years ago. Collins would never be able to handle him as her teacher; he will scare the hell out of her."

"Collins?" she looked back at the paper, the name clicking in her mind. "Small, timid girl with dark hair? Eyes like watching the ground?"

"Uh…yeah?" his brows scrunched together confused.

"She's your cousin?" she looked hard at him suddenly seeing some resemblances in them. Bradley was a good looking guy, she would admit it but Collins, from what she remembered wasn't what you would call pretty. Yes her hair was a stringy mess and covered her face and what her hair didn't cover her glasses did, but Bradley Hewitt, besides Benry, was classified as one of the best looking guys in school.

"Yeah, my mom's brother's daughter," he told her.

"She has your eyes," a gentle smile graced her face as she really looked at him.

"Yeah I guess," he shrugged never really paying that much attention to Collins eyes before and their similarities to his.

"But you're right," she shook her head of her little day dream of him. "The girl I met earlier would not be able to handle Mr. Browns; poor thing would leave crying every day."

"What if I dropped Econ with Mrs. Days? If I do that can I know she gets in there?" he questioned, him showing a side of him people never had really seen before.

"Well I mean yeah but won't it just screw up all of you classes?"

"No, I took Econ because I had a free period and last year only made a C in it. I was hoping to get a better grade this semester but I don't care. I'll just take the period off and sleep in," he smirked and she rolled her eyes going back to the computer.

"I can move her schedule to the top but I can't promise everything will get changed," she told him and he nodded understanding that.

"Well thanks," he offered a slightly uncomfortable smile taking a step back towards the door.

"Brad," she called and he paused looking over his shoulder at her. "It's nice, seeing you this way."

"What way?"

"Like you have a heart," she gave a half shrug and saw something flicker in him.

"Everyone has a heart Taylor, some people just don't choose to show it and others…well others don't take the time to see it," he shrugged, her heart dropping a moment in her stomach not really knowing what to say. "Thanks for the help," he offered a nod and spun out of the room.

"Hewitt!" he spun around to find one of his favorite people. Not.

"Montgomery," he grumbled turning back away from him and down the hall towards the gym.

"That's not nice, to walk away from someone who is talking to you," Andrew caught up falling in step with him.

"Shouldn't you be sucking off Michaels somewhere? Or am I mistaken? Does he do the sucking or is it a back and forth deal?" he wondered and Andrew's eyes harden.

"Saw you're cousin this morning," he commented, Bradley coming to a halt. "That got your attention, huh?" he smirked, making a note that his cousin hits a small ticker in him.

"What do you want Andrew?" he gritted his teeth and clutched his fist by his sides. Bradley really wishing to everything that Andrew and his friends would go not ever noticing his little cousin.

"I don't want anything Bradley. I'm just mentioning that I noticed a cute new girl," he did a little spin around him with a smirk. "And I'm definitely not that only one," he winked, spinning so his back is to him and towards his next period.

"Fucker…" Bradley muttered pushing open the gym doors and heading inside.

Benry had his normally cocky smirk on his face when he walked into the gym. Gym was his favorite period for two reasons. One because he got to just hang out and not do shit but secondly he got the fun of playing basketball when he wanted.

Basketball was his sport. Yeah there were more players on the team but he was the team. No one added up to him when he ran around the court, well other then Bradley. If he was honest the guy was better than him and probably would go further with the sport but he would never admit that to anyone.

Yet today when he entered the gym he loved he didn't think about basketball, didn't think about the cheers in the stands or the adrenaline rush he got when he played. No today was different, today when he entered the large area his eyes zeroed in on one thing.

The quiet girl in the corner.

She was sitting on the stands towards the entrance of the locker rooms. Her hair was tumbling out of the bun that it was pulled into and framed around her face, her hand constantly knocking it around. She chewed on her thumb nail as she flipped through the pages of something that was holding her attention and with his smirk still planted on his face he moved towards her.

She didn't even notice him as he approached, hear brow just stayed scrunched together and her left hand clutched around a pencil that had some serious bite marks on.

"Hey," he greeted with his signature smile dropping down beside her, her glancing away from her papers long enough to give him a glance before looking back down.

"Hello," she switched out her thumb nail for her bottom lip.

"I'm Benry," he told her and she nodded, seeming way more into her papers then him, something he was definitely not used too. Normally he just smiled at a girl and they would be hanging on his every word. "You're Collins right?" he questioned and her head snapped over at him. "We ran into each other earlier," he explained her confusion and she again nodded.

"Oh, yes I'm Collins," she told him nervously chewing her lip, never having a boy sit that close. Let alone a boy as cute as the one beside her. His hair was jet black, short on the sides and about an inch on the top, he had a real dark five o'clock shadow and his eyes were gray, his jaw strong and his cheek bones high. He, she was sure, the prettiest boy she had ever seen in her life. Then the added fact he was sitting so close that the hairs on his leg would tickle hers it made her blush and want to run away. "Nice to meet you."

"You too," he smiled, leaning over and looking at her papers. "You don't have gym," he looked at the paper with scribbles all over it.

"Excuse me?" she looked up at him for the first time and his breath caught a moment. He hadn't really looked at her before until this moment and she really was not bad to look at. The few times he saw her she was so covered by all her dark hair that he didn't take to pay attention but behind her glasses that covered most her face were her eyes. They were a deep chocolate brown that seemed to hold a mystery, like she had a secret she wasn't going to share and to magnify them she had thick, long lashes most girls would die for. Her nose was like a little button placed on her face and her lips were plump. They were full and smooth looking and a little heart shaped and then poking out on both sides of her face were the deepest dimples he had ever seen on a girl.

He really wasn't expecting that.

"You're paper says you don't have gym," he slid a bit closer, placing his finger on her fourth period. "It says you have art and this isn't art," he looked around the gym. "I mean I might be wrong but I thought this was gym," he joked making her crack a nervous smile.

"They are changing my schedule," she explained, nervously tucking back her hair. "I'm supposed to just shadow my cousin until they figure it all out," she informed him and he nodded, quickly looking around for the said cousin and not finding him in the gym.

"Oh I got it," he nodded, realizing Bradley was probably changing out for gym and knowing he had just a few moments before he appeared. "Maybe you can get permanent gym this year," he smirked knocking his leg into hers and her face flushed and only offering an awkward squeak and nod. "Good," he smiled standing up. "Well I have to go change. I'll see you around," he flashed her a smile walking down the bleachers.

"Oh uh… ok," she chewed harder on her lip, watching him go, taking long strides over the bleachers she knew would cause her to fall flat on her face."Bye."

"Bye Collins," he winked, turning on the polished floor and into the locker rooms. Smirking at the sandy blonde changing. "Hewitt, what's up man?"

"Fuck off Ben," Bradley grumbled, looking at a text on his phone and seriously wanting to snap the thing in half.

"What's go you so blue man?" Benry grabbed his stuff from his gym bag to change. "Things not going right? A girl got you down?" he teased loving the reaction he would always get from that. Benry loved the fact he won that little battle, which wasn't shocking.

"You're real lucky we need you this season," he gritted his teeth and tightened his fist. "Because otherwise I would be kicking your ass," he threatened, his eyes blazing.

"Ok," Art, a teammate and Bradley's best friend slid between the two when Benry took a step towards him. "Bradley go to gym," he ordered always being the level headed one of the friendship, not wanting his friend to get into trouble. "He is just trying to egg you on go to gym," he placed his hands on his chest and gave him a light shove towards the door.

"Whatever," he muttered, jerking away from his friend and heading out of the room.

"Always Benry, you always have to be a dick," Art shook his head pulling on his clothes. Unlike Andrew who despised Bradley for reasons he still couldn't figure out, Art didn't have a problem with Benry. He figured the bad blood between the two guys was between them, it never affected him and though he and Benry didn't hang out or have deep conversation or some shit the guy didn't bother him.

However Benry and Bradley was different, the two could barely stand being in the same room with each other without some dumb ass comment. It really drove Art nuts trying to break them up all the time and he wished they would get over whatever lame ass shit they had going on and grow the hell up.

"He started this shit Art," Benry slammed his locker. "And I'm just finishing it," he smirked, dodging around the guys and towards the door.

"What does that mean?" Art questioned and Benry just shrugged before disappearing out of the locker room. "Fuck…" he cursed really not wanting to know what was up with Benry. They all knew that once Benry Michaels set his mind to something it was set, no going back and with his little comment it really freaked him out a bit.

One thing the whole school knew was you don't cross Benry Michaels, but at the same time they know you never cross Bradley Hewitt. So with the two of them at war you knew shit would definitely hit the fan.

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