I know in the first chapter I said Collins was 16 but I messed up. She was seventeen. Sorry yall.

Benry woke up earlier than he planned after a late first night. However, he was struggling sleeping when he knew she was right down the hall from him. Though he planned to wake up early, not six in the morning early. So, after a nice run down the beach to clear his mind he returned back to the large home, cleaned the mess that was left over and started breakfast for her. The house was weirdly quiet. A complete flip from how loud it was last night. However, he wouldn't lie he had fun. Last night felt like old times. Everyone was laughing and joking and for the first time in weeks it didn't feel awkward and suffocating. He knew his friends struggled with how to act around him and Collins. He knew it was his fault. Yet, it was nice that last night they just had fun. Hell, even at one point Bradley and him even laughed together.

"God…" he heard the groan of the man walking into the kitchen stretching his arms over his head and releasing a yawn. "Ben…" he nodded walking over to pour him some juice.

"Brad…" Benry offered a nod back as he continued. They laughed one night together. It wasn't a miracle change for them. They were still tense.

"Why the hell are you up so early?"

"Ask you the same thing?"

"I'm not…" Bradley poured a glass and took a long sip before refilling it. "Tay wanted juice. Apparently, I'm in charge of that."

"Nice," Benry chuckled flipping some bacon in the pan. "I couldn't sleep. So went for a run and came back to make Collins some breakfast."

"Think breakfast is going to just magical fix everything?" his words harsher than he even meant but was still honest. Least he actually vocalized what he thought. Everyone else just mumbled a 'it'll work itself out'. Bradley honestly didn't think it would. And if he was honest, he didn't know if he wanted it too.

"No…" Benry didn't even glance at him as he continued. "But you know what today is."

"I do…"

"And we agreed to be friends. Friends can make the other person breakfast," Benry defended quickly knowing one talk and a breakfast wouldn't fix them. However, no one knows what happened on the car ride down here and what happened in the bedroom right after getting here. He didn't have to defend himself to anyone.

"If you say so…. just don't fuck up, Ben," Bradley made more than clear. He would not watch his cousin break again. He was getting damn tired of it. "I'm not kidding."

"I know Bradley," Benry growled turning to finally make eye contact with his once friend. "I'm not going to fuck up. Everything is out in the opened. She knows everything and there's no other shoe that can drop. If she wants to forgive me that is on her. I'm not going to force her, but I'm also not going to not make it clear I love her. If she leaves, she leaves but not without knowing."

"Ok," Bradley spoke slowly not sure how he felt about it. However, knew it was Collins choice at the end of the day.

"Bradley! Juice!"

They both heard Taylor scream across the house making Bradley roll his eyes and Benry snicker.

"Sometimes I liked it better when you were her bitch," Bradley mumbled as he shuffled his tired feet toward the back room. Pushing the door back open revealing the gorgeous girl on the bed. Gorgeous and hungover but gorgeous non the less.

"Baby…" she whined with the pillow over her head. "I'm dying…"

"You're not dying…" Bradley laughed placing the cup on her nightstand. "You and Jeri just enjoyed one to many tequila shots."

"Don't say tequila, please," she begged screwing her eyes shut.

"I brought you juice," he pulled the pillow off her to look at the mess that was her underneath. "I'm sorry you don't feel good," he brushed her hair back from her face as she looked up at him. Handing her the juice Taylor took a long sip. Taking the medicine Bradley pulled from his suitcase she prayed it would kick in as fast as possible.

"God, I love you," Taylor hummed downing the rest of the juice.

"You talking to me or the juice?" Bradley laughed as he fell back onto the bed as Taylor leaned to put the cup back on the nightstand.

"Honestly? The juice, but I love you too," she cuddled up to him, resting her hand on his chest. "Everyone up?"

"No," Bradley shook his head, running his fingers up and down her back. "Just Benry…he's making Collins breakfast," he told her honestly staring forward and Taylor remained quiet tracing circles on his chest. "Said they are friends and friends can make breakfast."

"Mhmm…" was all Taylor offered as she sat up catching his mouth on hers trying to release his serious look.

"Mhmm?" Bradley mumbled against her mouth as his fingers thread through her long locks. "That's it?"

"Yup," Taylor pulled herself up to straddle his lap and kissing him again. "I don't want to talk about Benry and Collins."

"You don't, huh?" Bradley say up wrapping his arms around her waist and she nodded in their kiss. "What do you want to talk about?"

"I don't want to talk," she shrugged pulling from the kiss to pull her shirt off over her head and a grin spread across Bradley's face. "I'm tired of talking about everyone else. I just want to be in here with you."

"Same…" Bradley dove to catch his mouth back on hers and flipping them over. "Sure, you feel ok enough too?"

"More than enough," Taylor giggled as his hands ventured under the sheet and into the front her underwear, instantly sending shockwaves through her whole body. "God, yes, I'm ok."


Benry heard his best friend giggle as he walked past the room shaking his head. He wasn't going to try to even imagine what was going on in that room with someone he thought of as a sister. Knocking on the door at the end he paused hearing a mumble 'yeah?' before pushing the door open finding the small girl on the bed in a mess of sheets.

"You decent?" he asked shutting the door behind him as Collins flipped over to see him. Honestly, not who she thought was knocking. Figured it was Bradley.

"Wouldn't you prefer if I wasn't?" She laughed a little sitting up and wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"As a friend my answer should be no," Benry eased on the side of the bed still hating how that would sound coming out of his mouth.

"Benry…" Collins grinned at the tray in his hand. "What's this?"

"Figured it was only right to bring you breakfast…I mean birthday girls aren't supposed to wait on themselves."

"You remembered today was my birthday?" Collins bit on her lower lip to stop the smile. She wasn't sure why she would think he would forget. However, other than her parents, Alex, Greg and Bradley no one really celebrated it. She normally had a nice dinner with family and Alex would take her out.

"Of course, I remembered," he whispered staring at her lip and quickly Collins released it knowing he asked her not to do that around him. "I wouldn't forget anything about you," he reached up knocking a strand of her out of her face. God, he missed waking up to her. "But umm…" he pulled his hand back as Collins looked down, fixing the same strand. Her skin still tingling from his small touch. "Thought you might want some eggs…bacon and of course coffee."

"Oh, thank god," Collins grabbed the warm cup and bringing it to her lips and taking a long sip. "God, I love you," she spoke to the cup and Benry released a laugh. Yet, won't lie, he wished she was talking to him. "Is there anything better than coffee?"

"I can think of a few, but I know what you mean," he smirked, Collins rolling her eyes as she took a bite of bacon. Offering Benry a sip of her coffee which he gladly took. "Thank you for breakfast. This is really sweet."

"Of course…have any big plans for your day?" he asked but she shook her head no. "Collins you have too. It's your eighteenth birthday. We have to celebrate and go out or dinner or something. You're a legal adult!" he laughed causing her to laugh. "Live dangerously."

"Well…" Collins mumbled pushing the eggs on her plate. "There is one thing I want to do, but I'm kinda nervous."

"Well, what is it?"

"Its…well it's just something I always wanted to do with Alex, but since she isn't here…"

"I can go with you," he rushed to tell her when her words fell off. Benry knowing not just was it her birthday but it was also her first birthday without her big sister. It was going to be hard. "If you want?"

"Yeah," she relaxed placing her hand on top of his with a small smile. Knowing even if they were not together, not good, Benry always calmed her. He always had this amazing gift of knowing just how to relax her. "I'd really appreciate that. Thank you."

"Anything for you," Benry laced his fingers through hers and stared at their hands. "I got you something…" he mumbled still staring at their hands.

"You didn't have too…" Collins whispered back, the tension in the room feeling almost too much for her.

"I know…" he paused a moment longer before releasing her hand and standing up. "I'll be right back…" he moved from the room fast and Collins sat confused. Wondering if he felt the same tension. Wondering if like for her, for him it was just as difficult. "Ok," he returned and Collins tried to shake off everything she was feeling. "It's not wrapped. Sorry."

"Benry, its fine," Collins laughed pulling the bow on the small box and pulling it open. "Benry…" she breathed out at the gorgeous necklace inside. It a silver heart, with a diamond in the corner top.

"I got it a couple weeks ago…I just didn't know when or if I would be able to give it to you," he rushed to tell her as she pulled it from the box smiling at it. "Figured worst case I just leave it on your doorstep."

"You got it a couple weeks ago?" she looked at him and he nodded. "Benry, we haven't been together for a month."

"I know…" he shrugged and eased back down on the bed. "But I still wasn't going to get you a present for your birthday."

"You know exes don't normally buy each other birthday presents, right?"

"Never had a girlfriend, so I don't know all the rules," he reasoned with a small smile and Collins laughed. "Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding? I love it," she hit the clasp and held it out for him. "Will you put it on me?" she put the now almost empty plate on the night stand and spun in the bed for him.

"Yeah," Benry took the necklace, wrapping his arm around her neck as she pulled her hair to the side. His fingers dancing across her smooth skin causing her to shiver. "There…" he clipped it back together but neither moved. Collins looked down at the necklace trying her best to ignore the man pushed close to her. She could feel the hit from his body and it caused her to shiver. God, she wanted him so bad. It wasn't at all ok with how much she wanted him. Maybe that's why the tension was so bad all the time. Somedays she wondered if they should just do it and be done. If you can buy your ex presents, can't you hook up? Isn't break up sex a thing?

"Cols…" his breath danced across her neck and she again shivered.


"You may need to explain the rules to me…" his hand dropped as she turned to slowly face him. "I need to know the rules."

"I don't know them," she released a dry laugh. Guess he was also feeling everything she was. "You forget you were my first boyfriend too."

"If that's the case I'm going to make up my own rules."

"What do you-" she went to ask but before she could finish his hand thread through her hair and pull her into a kiss that sent chills down her spine. Falling back onto the bed, as his other hand ran down her side and latched on the top of her knee wrapping it around him. He knew he said they would be friends. He knew he agreed they wouldn't do this, but he couldn't help it. He hadn't touched her in weeks and yesterday sent way too many emotions in him and he needed to kiss her again. He had too.

"Benry…" Collins panted as his kisses lined down to just below her ear. "I thought we weren't going to do this. Oh god," her body tingled as his hand ran across her stomach and up under her shirt.

"I lied…I can't do it…" he pulled back to look at her breathing heavy. "Can't we just…"

"Just what?" she asked nervously running her fingers through his hair. Her heart racing her, mind going nuts. She didn't know what she was supposed to be doing in this situation.

"Do what we used too…" he mumbled looking at her lips. "Doesn't have to be sex. We don't have to dive into that. We don't have to do anything until we have our talk…I just…I can't be here with you and not touch you are kiss you. I'm going nuts, Collins."

"I know…" she glanced down chewing her lip and trying to settle her breathing. "I'm going crazy too…" she admitted finally and he felt like music to his ears. "God, Benry…" she leaned up kissing him softly and felt him smile. "I don't know what I'm doing here…"

"Do you still love me?" she saw how nervous he looked as he asked and how his mind went wild with her long pause. Before she slowly nodded yes. "If you still love me, can't we just figure the rest out later?"

"I don't know Benry…I don't know if it will be a good idea. I don't want to act like what happened never happened. Like we're ok."

"I know…and we won't act like it never happened. We agreed to talk. I want to talk. But at the same time, I just want to kiss the hell out of you."

"Ok…" she said after another long pause, knowing she would always cave to him and he smiled. "Do like we used too…like make out behind closed doors before everyone found out?"

"No…" he shook his head and her teeth locked on her lip again. "No like when I finger fucked you on the beach or like when I tasted you in your parents pool."

"Benry!" she squealed pushing his face away. He always way more vulgar in his wording. "Stop…" heat spread across her face as she looked away from him. Her heart racing in her chest and heat spreading across her whole body at the memory. The things this boy has done to her body just the thought made her tingle all over.


"You know what your words do to me…" she whispered running her finger across his lip. "You know how you affect me…"

"Let me do it to you then…" he smirked and saw the wheels turning in her head as she debated if what they were doing was a bad idea. He knew it was risky and he knew that if he they did this and she decided later to leave him, it would hurt that much more. Yet, he had to shoot his shot and pray for the best outcome. There was to much chemistry between them and he knew she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. She just always tried to fight the right thing to do. "Let me make you feel good again baby…"

"I…" she whisper hating the battle in her head that wouldn't stop. Opening to talk just to close her mouth again. Pausing longer than his heart could handle Collins finally shook her head at everything and grabbed onto his face pulling him down.

"Screw it…" and she felt him smile in their kiss.

Jeri sat in the kitchen picking at a piece of fruit as her friends all slowly started to wake up and make their way down to the kitchen. Bathing suit already on she was ready to hit the beach or pool and spend the day drinking and getting tan.

"Hey Jay," Taylor skipped into the kitchen in a better mood then when she woke up. "Whatcha doing?"

"Waiting for you," Jeri told her as she watched her friend pour some coffee. "I want to go do something!"

"Jeri we are. We just woke up," Bradley comes into the room with a smile. "It's only 9:30. Where is everyone else?"

"Abby, Andrew and Art are outside drinking coffee and eating breakfast. You two finally decided to drag yall's self from bed," she stressed and Taylor laughed shaking her head at her friend. Bradley rolling his eyes as he stood next to girlfriend and kissed the side of her head. "And Benry and Collins I guess are either still asleep or doing it."


"What?" Jeri laughed at both the couples face. "The sexual tension is suffocating me. They either need to just get it out of the way or move on. I mean come on why do you think they fight all the time?"

"Because Benry is an ass who hurt her."

"Face its Bradley," Jeri shook her head at his statement. Being she knows the only one who knows what happened on the way down here and her and Collins talk. "She might be slowly forgiving him. When you love someone, you can really forgive them for most things," she shrugged and Taylor looked at her boyfriend knowing that was true but also knowing he wasn't sure how he felt about it. "Speak of the devil," they looked up to see the twosome walking into the kitchen with a big smile on their face.

"Hey Collins," Bradley walked over and gave a hug, his eyes on Benry as he walked to pour him some coffee. "Happy birthday."

"It's your birthday!" Jeri's eyes widened not sure why she didn't know that.

"Thanks, Bradley and yes Jay, but it's not that big of a deal," Collins shrugged, her body still feeling tingles from what she had just done upstairs. The sneaking around being almost more of a turn on.

"It is a big deal!"

"What's a big deal?" the rest of the group walked back into the home.

"It's Collins birthday!" Jeri repeated.

"Happy birthday Collins," Andrew smiled giving her a hug. "You're old now."

"Thanks Andrew," Collins rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"So, we're going to celebrate!" Jeri clapped her hands excited. "We will go to dinner. We will go party and then come back and maybe go swimming."

"I love night swimming," Collins smiled all of that actually sounding fun. Benry holding back a smirk as he thought about all the times Collins would drag him out of the bed to go jump in her pool at night. He also enjoyed night swimming with Collins.

"Then let's do it," Abby agreed. "We can hit the beach then all come back around five to get ready for dinner."

"Sounds perfect," Taylor walked toward the sink to put her plate up. "Benry, you want the rest of this?" she offered her best friend the left-over toast and bacon.

"No thanks Tay," he smiled at her knowing she was babying him more since their fight at school. "I already ate," he smirked and Collins let out a cough. Knowing exactly what he was referencing.

"You, ok?" Art looked at Collins as she turned bright red and patted her chest.

"Fine," Collins cleared her throat and wiped the small amount of coffee that came out. "Went down wrong," she explained and Berny's brow arched up at her. She knew he took it another way with her comment. "I umm…I'm going to finish my coffee outside," she mumbled embarrassed wanting to get out of the room as quick as possible.

"I'm down for whatever," Benry finally spoke on the plans. "Whatever birthday girl wants to do I'm down," he shrugged without another word started to follow the small brunette outside.

"Told you…" Jeri patted Bradley's chest and his eyes rolled but hated to admit Jeri was probably right.