The Smiler.

You know, it is the very first thing I caught when I saw you.
The smile: as broad as Gandhi's, as shiny as a Colgate ad, as perfect as a dentist's dentition.

I get these moments in my mind, moments where time slows and and the whole world stagnates.
The music in my mind goes largo, everything is blurry except for one thing: this time it was the smile.

I consider myself lucky, most of the time my mind catches a bubble or a button or a strand of thread hanging from a designer's coat or a metro ticket falling to the ground or a pigeon flying away or a bag of m&m's exploding in it's owner's hand.

I could not let that smile go away. Sometimes I watch the clear pass by and wait for the clouds of blur to move along,
Sometimes I go to the clear and try to get rid of it. This time, I ran. I didn't wait, my mind ordered to "Follow that smile!"

I listened, the music got louder as the burr disappeared and it was hard running when the world around you is shriveled up and hazy.
But I couldn't let the smile go away. I taped on your shoulder and I saw that your smile hadn't gone and your eyes were smiling too.

And then I got hit: where? How? I felt my mind fall deep into the ground and I know I didn't touch anything, I just kept falling.
I never stopped falling until a whistle screeched. I'd been in the zone.

The zone of non-thought: between conscious and un-conscious, between philosophical dreams and harsh reality.
I wish I could go dream in conscious, but for a reason I can't understand both sides can never seem to make peace.

I belong to one at night and the other at daylight; one when my eyes are open, the other when my eyes are shut.
I would die to dream while not sleeping. The zone is my replacement: it is dangerous to adventure there and I mustn't be seen.

When I dream and I tickle my way to consciousness so I can remember it, without going to far or I'll enter consciousness.
When I'm awake and I stare into the nothing and just imagine, with all the will of my imagination and creep towards the numbness.

Your smile hit me, it brought me far into the zone against my will and that was a power I had not yet experienced before.
I want to go back, have the power to remember my dreams, know what they mean and live a life of conscious dreaming.

Your smile did that for me, you are now known as The Smiler.