Sometimes in life, if you're lucky, things will change. You'll walk in and you'll see her and your entire life will realign accordingly. Suddenly she's the center of your world. It's a different feeling than anything else you've ever felt. There is no choice, or matter of will. It simply is.

Some people think they've felt it, but they haven't. Not really. It can happen multiple times in a person's life, or not at all. It's the moment you finally have someone else to care for. It's the moment when someone else takes priority over yourself. It's the moment when life comes slamming through your door, taking over in a single grain of time.

Sometimes though, it doesn't work out. Sometimes you have to move on without her. And it hurts. It feels like you're gouging out a hole in your heart, because you are. Once she's there, you can't just undo it. She's become a part of you, of your entity and soul. But you have no choice, so she has surgically cut out.

You don't know where to go, or how to move on. So you live in the moment and don't think about tomorrow. And for a while, you don't even think of her. But as with all things, time will dull the ache. And you'll slowly move on with life, because you must. You have to keep moving forward.