During high school, Annabel thinks she had found the guy of her dreams. Nathan. They've been dating for a year. He was everything she ever wanted cute, funny, sweet, and she used him. Besides that, Annabel deals with the breakup her way, and try to get that mysterious guy who always seems to have those headphone in his ears and writing in a notebook to talk to her. Annabel also has a few secrets, confessions, and a love story no one ever knew about.


Annabel: Age16.

Main girl of this novel. She's trying to find who she is, and will do anything to find where she fits in. Her best friends are Mercedes and Nikki. Ex-girlfriend of Nick.

Avery: Age 17.

Annabel's online boyfriend. Lives in FL. Shy to first talk to, but gives out great advice.

Nick: Age 16.

Annabel's ex-boyfriend. He was the first one to show her what love meant physically and emotionally. Doesn't seem to know what he really wants, but is great at computer designing.

Mercedes: Age 15.

Ex-friend of Nikki and still remains friends with Annabel. Annabel met her during 1st grade. Often referred as an 'Oreo'.

Nikki: Age 15.

Girlfriend of Alex. She's the closest friend of Annabel. She is half Mexican with a blasting personality.

Alex: Age 17.

Boyfriend of Nikki. Popular jock who plays football. Can be a total Doucbag when it comes to dating girls.