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I'm finally back at school and being out two weeks nothing hasn't changed. I think while glancing behind me viewing Nathan arms wrapped around Jessica.

Nikki carries my backpack to my locker.

"Need any more help?" she smiles.

"No, I don't. It's not far for me to walk to first period," I say back.

I called it off with Avery last night and I won't lie, I feel like crap and look like crap. Bags underneath my eyes, stomach growling continually, this is the second week my hair hasn't been washed, and practically dragging myself to the elevator used up all my energy. I manage to get all my books in my backpack with my one stable arm, and walk away from my locker passing Nathan without even glancing up at him.. Knowing this because, his green shoes appear on the ground beneath me. Remembering who picked those out for him, he wore them the same day I broke up with him.

I grab my usual seat next to Mercedes. We give our normal smile to one another and pay attention to the health teacher. I talked to Mercedes last night; we both agreed that we would have a sleepover tonight for me to catch up with things. Suddenly a note glides on my desk with my name printed on it. I open it up.

Okay, really, she needs to get over herself. Nathan and I are done. Secondly, what's up with all this cussing? All she had to say was, "I hate you. Stop messing with my Nathan. Your ugly, stupid, and she could had even called me a hoe". But to give me a whole page of this "love" letter, isn't really necessary.

I pass the note to Mercedes who is begins me to toss it over to her. She opens her mouth wide and mouths out,

"What are WE going to do?" she asks. I turn to focus back onto our lesson.

Easy. Stay far away from her.

If that was possible.

Throughout the whole day, Jessica continues to give me an evil glare. Honestly, she needs to work on it, that's not a good look for her. I guess she had enough when I continue to avoid her all day because by 7th periods she marches up to me.

"Did you get my note?" she questioned.

"Yeah, I did. Thanks," I shrug.

"Nathan is not your boyfriend anymore," she states.

Alright. She's definitely trying to start something here.

"I realized," I reply.

"Good, I don't want to know your texting him," she added.

"Well that wouldn't be a problem if he didn't text me first. I only answered back, Jessica," I say in a nice, patient voice.

"And I'm just putting you in your place. Stay at the back of the bus and wait for your turn," she smiles. I ignore the racist joke.

"Uhmm…Alright Jessica?" I'm really confused why she's confronting me about Nathan. She think she's all that. So she needs to stick to that, and not worry about someone like me.

"I know your upset, but you have to understand he's mine. I know things about you, Anna. So I will watch what I say and do if I were you," she begins.

What is she talking about? I would never tell her my business.

"Jessica, seriously, if Nathan truly loves you, you shouldn't feel like I'm such a threat towards you. He's dating you for a reason," I bite my lip. She is so delusional! He would have left her by now if he didn't like her.

"I don't need your advice, but here's yours," Nathan walks up behind her, "I would never give my friend pictures of my body. He doesn't even know what a whore you are. I even bet your pictures are all over the inter-"

"Jessica, shut up," Nathan grips her arm.

"No, I'm not done. Your cutting is pathetic. Just like your life, I don't even know why you're here. You think I feel threatened by you? Please, have you looked at yourself? I'm doing you a favor by saving you from hurting him again," she smiles.

I don't even care if she thinks I'm trying to steal Nathan, but Nathan telling her what I've been through?

"How could you?" I ask Nathan. I told him everything, and it goes to this tramp.

"I hate you." I hear myself say.

"Annabel, I can explain," he starts.

"Nathan, shut up!" I push pass them both. Jessica laughing and Nathan looks lost with words.