A Poem For Japan

Japan my heart goes out to you right now,

But what can my heart do,

It can't help me feel your pain,

I'd travel an come help,

I wish I could,

But I'm nothing but a student,

A 16 year who wishes she could cure the hurt in this world,

8.9 on the Richter scale,

The biggest ever earthquake,

We can donate,

Money and supplies,

We can offer support,

But we can never retrieve the two lost trains,

And the people on those trains,

Are they alive or dead,

That we'll never know,

Until it's been broadcast,

So let's just hope it can be broadcast,

We can never bring the dead back to life,

But we can help Japan to fight,

We can help them to keep believing,

And we can send our prayers out to them,

So let's donate as much as we can,

And let's help in any way that we can,

The US are already helping,

By texting,

People can donate ten dollars,

So UK let's help too,

I've just seen Susan Boyle's status on facebook,

Press the link on her status,

And donate,

They need our help,

And help I shall give,

Every penny counts,

So let's send every penny we can find,

And help Japan.