A/N: I had heard a comment about my weight and I started writing what came first to my mind. R&R if you can!

I Appear To Look Skinny

Just because I appear skinny

It doesn't mean I like baggy clothing

It doesn't mean I drink water 24/7

It doesn't mean I cut my food into small pieces

Just because I appear skinny

Don't assume I hate the sight of food

Don't assume I'll turn down a well frosted cupcake

Don't assume I'll read my food labels before I eat

Just because I appear skinny

Does not mean I glare at myself in the mirror thinking…

I'm Stupid

I'm Ugly

I'm fat and obese

Just because I appear skinny

Don't dare call me anorexic because I weight only 96 pounds because of my high metabolism

Don't' dare call me bulimic because I go to the bathroom after meals to wash my hands

Don't dare call me binge because after a long fight with my boyfriend I decide to eat ½ a carton of Ben and Jerry Ice-cream.