A/N: I heard this poem out loud one day, and I thought I will hit it with my ideas. R&R PLEASE!


I apologize

for living in the suburbs

for talking white

for trying to be the real me

for locking up windows at night when it's blazing hot outside when I'm in the city.

I apologize

for choosing Spellman over Howard

for attending girl scouts

and for sitting up in the church and singing in the choir.

I apologize

for that time I tried not to witness you showing hatred for another,

or the time I didn't want braids in the beauty salon.

I apologize

for looking into the mirror and instead of me I see another girl trying fit in the environment around me.

But you can apologize too, you know?

I hear you laugh at the proper way I speak

Pointing at the skinny girl walking down the hallways and streets

Asking why my family acts so white

Laughing when you see me

It's as if you're asking for money when we talk, then of course we're cool.

I don't understand you now

and you don't get me at all.

I prefer golf,

And you swear your life on basketball.

We're a million miles apart.

Still trying to understand and forgive one another.

So I apologize,

For whatever.

And you?