Chapter 1

It was a Wednesday morning, the last day of school. It was 6:23 and I already did my hair and ate my breakfast. It was quite warm out with a total of 71 degrees so I wanted to wear light clothes… But what exactly did I want to wear? So I asked my mom, Sara to come and help me decide between two outfits.

"Do you like the pink and brown silk shirt with the white skirt and my cowboy boots, or the emerald green shirt with the black skirt and black boots?" I asked my mom, holding both outfits up with a confused look on my face.

"Well... I like them both. But I think you should wear the first one. Didn't you wear the black boots the first day of school?" She asked raising one eyebrow.

"I did! Thanks mom."

I threw my clothes on, grabbed my bag and ran down the steps and out the front door. It was 6:42, and I needed to wait by the front porch of Erin and Nichole's house. So I set my bag down and sat on the bottom step.

"Hey." I said as I got up before I was trampled.

"Hey!" Nichole jumped off the porch and ran right into me throwing her arms around me as if she has not seen me in years.

"Whoa!" I said nearly falling over.

"Hey. Last day of school!" Erin smiled, throwing her hands in the air as she walked down the steps.

"I know. I'm so excited!" I screamed.

"Ok. Let's go, we don't want to be late for the bus." Erin said.

"Yeah. I DO NOT want to have to walk to school on the last day." Nichole said and started skipping across the street.

"Wait up!" Erin and I yelled in unison. I grabbed my new pink and yellow flowered bag from off the sidewalk and smiled at Erin.

Then Erin and I ran across the street to try to catch up with her. Finally, when we did, she was singing some song by Evanescence.

"What do you want to do after school today?" I asked, interrupting her singing.

"I'm not sure. Maybe take a walk…" Erin said all happy like.

"Sounds fun to me." Nichole said and I nodded in agreement.

The bus turned the corner and pulled to a stop just as we got to the bus stop. I was always the first on the bus because I loved being able to relax before going to a hectic day of school. I always sat against the window with Erin next to me and Nichole on the outside. We also always sat on the second seat from the front on the way to school and the first seat on our way home.

When the bus came to a stop and one by one we all climbed off the bus, I got nervous… Why am I so nervous? I thought. We all walked in the same door and split up and headed to our lockers. Erin and I were in the same grade but Nichole was a year younger. So Erin and I had to go to the fourth floor to get to our lockers, but Nichole only had to go to the second. But because out last names where different we had to go to different hallways.

I got my English and Social Studies books, and my art project and notebook, then left. On my way to first period I realized that summer is gonna be busy as ever! Erin, Nichole and I are going to stay with my grandma and grandpa at Harvey's Lake for three weeks. Then we are going to visit my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Shelly in Massachusetts for two weeks. Then home for three weeks, and then to their Aunt Lora's in LeRaysville for the rest of summer. I guess I walked slowly to class because when I got there, the teacher was already taking roll. Thank goodness, my last name was near the end because that always gave me extra time if I was late. Mrs. Evans was on L when I walked in and ran to my seat.

Justin, who sits behind me, leaned forward and whispered "Somebody's a little late for class today…" and leaned back. I just rolled my eyes and waited for my name to be called.

"Beth Sweet?" Miss. Evans asked.

"Here!" I answered raising my hand then dropping it on my bag.

"Take out your books, page 675 and some paper, MLA Format. Today we are reading some poems. And then we are writing one by ourselves." She said, as she wrote everything she was saying on the chalkboard.

I did exactly what she said to do. I read the poems on the page and the following. They were very good poems. One was about summer, and the other about dolphins. What to write about in my poem… I thought. As I looked around the room, it came to me. I saw people texting, playing paper football, applying lip-gloss and more. So I decided to write about how everyone in school is different.

"Now, who would like to read there poem? Beth, how about you?" Miss. Evans asked, even though I didn't raise my hand…

"Ok… Well. My poem goes like so:

As I look around the room, I see different, unique individuals.

Some may be attached to others at the hip, but others are spread farther apart.

There are the" BRING!

"Thank you Beth but we are out of time. Have a good summer and although it's no fun, be good!" Miss. Evans waved good-bye to everyone as we all filed out of the classroom door. On to my next class… GROSS! I really don't like Social Studies. I mean really, why do you even have to know who the members of Congress are. Well that's not the only reason I hate that class… I don't like my teacher, at all! She's so annoying, and we do so many packets and worksheets. I mean, I fall asleep in that class because it is so boring. Thank goodness, it's the last day of school!

When I got to class, the teacher was calling names to see your end of the year grade. Oh great… I'm going to fail. Well when she called my name, I closed my eyes and then got up to walk to her desk. When I got there, she glared at me and pointed to my grade. Great. I got a C+… Ugh, darn. I was really trying to get straight A's this marking period but it's always this class that keeps me from getting all A's. Well, at least I tried…

Eighth period. Only 15 minutes until the end of the year! So my friend Simantha and I decided to go to our lockers like we did almost every day before the bell rang. We ran up the steps and like always, something or someone made us laugh. We always took our time because we knew Miss. Fetter didn't mind how long we took as long as we were back before the bell rang. When we got to Samantha's locker, she grabbed her coat and her bag with all of extra papers and notebooks. Then we ran up the steps laughing because of something this kid said as he ran down the steps. When we got to my locker, I couldn't open it. So I ended up kicking it, and hurting my toe, which made Simantha laugh even more. Finally I got it open and I grabbed all of my stuff from my locker and stuffed it into my bag, slammed my locker, and like always, I kissed my hand and pressed it to it.

"Why'd you do that?" Simantha asked with a smirk on her face.

"It's a thing my friends and I do every year. We always have so many memories of our lockers and stuff we did that year. It's kind of silly but, we always stay after school one day on the last week of school, and take a picture of our lockers with us and we write the combination above it in a scrapbook."

"Oh, that's kind of silly. But I guess that's cool." Simantha looked a little confused and weirded out. We ran down the steps and into the classroom. Then we handed Miss. Fetter the pass and went to sit down.

"Five minutes. Just five minutes!" Mrs. Fetter yelled to the class.

"Yeah!" yelled some kid from the back of the room.

Some kids giggled and then the room got loud and everyone was talking. The teacher walked to each and every one of us and said good bye to us and gave each and every one of us a bag of candy with a little note on the inside written in French. Although we didn't learn that much French that year because of snow days, and she was sick a lot, I still enjoyed it. She was my favorite teacher. And I'm somewhat sad that it was time to go. BRING! Everyone yelled and ran out of the room, nearly knocking each other over on the way out.

Simantha and I ran down the steps and outside to wait for Rosina like always. Rosina and Simantha where great friends of mine. But I never have to hang out with them because Samantha's always with her dad, and Rosina is always busy. We both waited until she got there, we gave each other hugs and then we went to our buses.

I knocked on the bus door and waited for it to open. Erin and Nichole were already on the bus. They got up and let me in by the window.

"How was your last day?" Nichole asked.

"Good, boring, as always. A little sad, but all together good." I replied. "How was yours?"

"About the same." Nichole answered.

"Same here." Erin sighed.

It was a loud bus ride as always. Everyone in the back of the bus was throwing paper balls, and screaming. Once the bus pulled around the corner of Kelly, we all got ready to get off. The bus came to a stop at the corner of Kelly and Miller, the door opened and off we went. We had to walk up the hill, because Luzerne, Pennsylvania had many hills. We got to my house first, I said my good-byes and they said there's, then we laughed and walked into our own houses.

"Hi mom."

"Hi sweetie. How was your day?"

"Good. I'm hungry, so I'm gonna get something to eat."


I walked up the steps and threw my bag on the bed and skipped threw the hall to the Guinea Pig cage.

"Hi Toby-Muffin!" I smiled.

I picked up my guinea pig Toby-Muffin, and took him to the kitchen to get my snack. I held him against my chest and pet him. I set him on the floor, and quickly grabbed my snack before the cat came. I picked Toby up and took him back to my room. We both lay on the bed and relaxed until my brother came home. Then I gave Toby a kiss and a hug, and put him back in his cage with Hannah, my brother's guinea pig. I went back to my room to pack, and listen to my I-pod…

After packing my suitcase and carry on full of clothes and many necessities, I ended up falling asleep with one ear-bud in and the other lying on my stomach.

"Beth… Beth sweetie. Beth." My mom said softly trying to wake me up.

"What?" I said sleepily.

"Honey, you fell asleep. I'm going to the store now; I will be back in about an hour or so."

"Oh, ok. Um… Where's Tad?"

"He is in his room watching T.V.," she said pointing down the hall. Then she walked down the steps and out the door.

I just laid there for a few minutes until I heard the car start, and drive away. I took my other ear bud out and turned my I-pod off. Then I searched under my pillows, and then under my blanket, and my bed until I found my phone next to my cat, S'mores.

"What are you doing with my phone you silly kitty cat." I said, petting the cat and then I grabbed my phone and flipped off my bed, landing on my knees. I got up, shut my light off and headed for Tad's room.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching SpongeBob."

"Ok. Well Erin and Nichole are coming over soon. If you need anything I will be in my room." I said as I dialed Erin's number.

"Hey you."

"Hey, what's up?" Erin said, sounding distant.

"Babysitting. You want to come over?"

"Sure. Be over in a few."


As I walked to my room, I heard a bark. "TAD! Did you leave Cinnamon outside again?!" I screamed, walking towards my room.

"Oops!" I heard him get out of bed and run to the door. I then heard the pitter-patter of Cinnamons feet go down the steps and then it faded away. I felt tired and excited at the same time.

Then the doorbell rang three times to let me know it was them. "Coming!" I yelled as I ran down the steps to answer the door.

"Hey!" Nichole screamed as she strode past me and over to Cinnamon, giving her a kiss on her head.

"Hey. I'm not sure what we are going to do, but I figured if I'm gonna be bored, we can be bored together." And I smiled and walked up the steps.

As I walked up the steps, I heard four foot steps behind me. I turned into my room I plopped on my bed and they did as well. I turned my T.V. on and I Love Lucy was on.

"Ooh. I love this show!" Erin said lying down on her stomach, facing the T.V.

"Me too." I replied. Letting my feet hang off the bed as I lay down on my back and watch Lucy and Ethel try to get Lucy out of a giant chest.

The episode was going good until Tad interrupted. "Sissy, can I have lunch?"

"Yeah. Hold on." I got up and walked to the kitchen and grabbed one of the Lunchabels that was supposed to be for lunch during the past week. "Here, have this." I handed him the container and headed back to my room. The show was over and they were both sitting on my bed with the T.V. off.

"You're room still smells like paint." Nichole complained.

"I know. It's because I finished the zebra stripes on my shelves yesterday. And they're in the corner drying."

"Anyway we thought we should make secret handshakes, so Erin and I made one up. Pay attention." Nichole suggested.

"Ok." I said watching them do the handshake a few times.

"Now you try with me, I thought all three of us should have the same one and just do it with each other after one another." Erin said, holding her hands together, out in front of her.

"I hope I get it right. But ok." So we tried and tried again to get it perfect. We ended up changing it twice but once we got it right, it was the perfect handshake.

We all heard a bang, so we all went into the hall to find Tad on his pillow, at the bottom of the steps. "What are you doing?" I asked, staring at him in confusion.

"Pillow sledding…" Tad replied with a silly look on his face.

"Typical Tad." I said, to Erin. Little Tad always did stupid, but funny stuff. And for some reason, we always wanted to try it. For example: this past winter we were all sledding in my backyard, it has a lot of different levels and steps. Tad decided to go on the sled, headfirst, and he hit a step, making him fly off the sled and land in the snow bank. So we all decided to do it as well.

Later that day he decided that we get in a big line, with all of our sleds. Keep in mind that there were four of us, which meant four sleds. We all got on our sleds and helped push, getting us started down the first hill, headed toward the first set of steps. As we went down, Tad's sled hit a step and he flipped and rolled down the hill a bit more. Nichole ended up flying over tad and landing on her sled still, but hit the fence. Then I flew over Erin as she hit Tad and flipped, rolling and hitting a snow bank, and landed backward on my sled, sliding down some more steps and hitting the shed.

Tad came up with some crazy and silly things. And although we ended up getting hurt some way, we still followed his lead.

"Sounds awesome I'm trying next!" Nichole said running back into my room. A few seconds later, returning with a pillow and setting it on the first step.

Then she sat on it and went down screaming as she flew off and landed on the floor. It sounded fun so Erin and I decided to go and get more pillows and we all did it. It was actually a lot of fun. A lot of screaming and laughing. And later, some black and blue marks. We all took turns going down so we didn't collide into each other. But we only established this half way through, when I got side swiped and tumbled down the steps. In the middle of my turn to slide down the steps, I heard my mom's car door slam. I basically fell off my pillow and screamed to the rooms! We all ran up the steps and Little Tad ran into his room and I heard him jump on his bed. We all jumped on my bed and threw the pillows onto the floor. I tried looking for the remote but couldn't find it. So I grabbed Erin's arm and spun her around and by this time we could hear my mom walking up the steps so we started doing our handshake, acting like nothing had happened. She looked at us for a second, and then with all of her bags of groceries, walked to the kitchen and set them down. I got up and followed, helping her put them away.

"Was he good?"

"Actually, yes. He stayed in his room the whole time."

"We practiced a handshake and watched some T.V."

"Good. You don't have to help. Go back to your friends."

"Ok. Thanks."

As I walked past my brother's room, I smiled and he did as well. "That was fun." I said to Erin and Nichole as I walked in my room, closing the door behind me. We all giggled and then Nichole got a phone call saying that she had to come home, along with Erin. So I walked them out of the house, closing the door behind them. I went to my brother's room and hopped on the bed. I watched T.V. with him until dinner. I guess I wasn't paying attention because Tad came home and I didn't even hear my mom cooking or anything. Little Tad and I walked to the kitchen, sitting in our usual seats next to each other on the bench, followed by my mom on the chair to the right of us, and tad to the left.

Dinner was actually very good. We had pork chops, and macaroni and cheese.

"Dad really broke the sink this time. But I managed to fix it." Tad said to my mom.

"Good, I'm glad." She replied.

"How was babysitting?" Tad asked me.

"Good actually. Erin and Nichole came over and we hung out while Tad hung out in his room. I got him lunch and then he went to watch T.V." I then winked at Little Tad and he smiled.

"Good." Tad said, taking a sip of his tall glass of milk.

Of course, I had to clean off the table, but I didn't mind it because I wouldn't have to do this for the rest of summer. Because I won't be home long. After clearing the table, and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, I went to see where Tad was. He ended up being down stairs playing Wii with my mom and Tad.

So I decided I wanted to play as well. So they had to stop there game and restart it so I could join. We played Mario, and then switched over to Mini Golf half way through the game. We were all laughing and having fun on my last day home. It was kind of hard and frustrating because it was a hard world and I kept going over par. All 18 holes of the Egypt world where over around 8 o'clock so we decided to shut the game off for the night.

Saying our "goodnights", and "I love you's" before heading to our rooms for bed, Little Tad squeezed me and almost made me cry.

"I love you sissy. And I'm going to miss you. I hope you have lots of fun. I will see you in the morning. Good night."

"Aw buddy. I love you too. And I'm going to miss you. But you can call me whenever you want. I will always answer. But it's going to be summer vacation, and you will be playing with your friends the whole time. But I will be back before you know it. Night." And I walked up stairs to my room.

After lying in bed for a half hour, doing absolutely nothing, I decided to read a book. But which one? I thought to myself. I got up and walked over to my book shelf, but it smelled really bad, like paint. Because that's where I had my shelves drying. So I quickly grabbed my Pretty Little Liars book and lay back in bed until I lost track of time. And when I finally looked up at the clock, it was already quarter to midnight. I was almost finished with the book, so I waited, holding my head up with my pillows, and when I finished the book, I rolled over and set the book on the floor. Falling asleep in that exact position, with my arm hanging off the bed, no blankets, and the light was still on and my pillows where barely under my head.

I fell into a deep sleep, having many dreams of school, and Little Tad. I was really going to miss it here. But I would be back by the end of vacation. And this summer is going to be a blast. After having a dream that I was in Wonderland, I woke up to the coldness of my cat's nose. He was lying next to my head, laying his head against my face. So his nose was lightly touching my chin. I picked him up, and pet him and gave him a kiss on his head.

I glanced to the hall and saw cinnamon laying on the floor looking at me. So I got out of bed and sat the cat on my fluffy pillow. I walked over to Cinnamon and lay down next to her. I hugged her, and gave her kisses and rubbed her belly. After a while, I realized she was falling asleep. So I brought a pillow and laid it under her head, but left enough room for me. I then, laid my head down and kissed her nose. I ended up just lying there for a while. Then eventually falling asleep, dreaming of my soon to come, amazing summer vacation.