She pulled into a blacktop driveway with a bike in the drive. The little pom poms on the handlebars confused me… She wasn't married, she had no children. I looked at her inquiringly and she smiled.

" You'll see when you get in the house." I slowly got out of the car and grabbed my bags from the backseat. She walked up her stairs beckoning me to follow, and I did. We walked into her house, it was huge. The wood floors glowed with shine and good care. A woman who seemed to clean the house, was there. She smiled and looked directly at Olivia, then had a sly smile that was playfully on her lips.

" The "surprise" is in the playroom you wanted me to design." Olivia looked at me and pointed to the room down the hall, I ran to the room and flung open the door. There stood a little blonde haired girl who's golden locks went to her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled and her crimson lips laughed. Madeline came and ran to me and I embraced her in a hug. Alexander ran up right behind her and jumped on me, we fell to the floor laughing. My children were with me again. I look up from the floor to see a baby standing in her crib, even Laura was here. I looked over and Olivia was smiling in the doorway, leaning on it. I ran up and hugged her to no end. I loved her and I'm so glad she saved me… Only one thing was missing, India. She took my hand and with the children at my heels walked me up her spiral staircase and her marble floors shimmered. A huge oak door opened and there was a bed that was at least three feet of just mattress. The huge crimson satin curtains flowed down the wall. The windows were open letting in the cool breeze. There was a desk and it was the most amazing room ever, and guess what? Its mine. We walked a little farther down the hall and opened another oak door the blue room wasn't as elegant but it was meant for a small boy, Alexander. Again we walked down the long hall and the last oak door on the left was opened, a pink room with a bed was against the wall. It was a girl version of Alexander's room, it was Madeline's. I turned and smiled at her, this was too good to be true. But.. Where was Connor, Sierra? I ask her about them and her smile dimmed.

" They, well, had to go to their grandmothers, they didn't want to come. But I fought for the other three and I won." I nodded and hugged my children. I didn't care that they weren't technically mine, I had raised them. I followed Olivia back downstairs and I saw the maid and she was cleaning, I looked at her then I looked back at Olivia. Why is she here?

" She's here because I'm at work and I don't have time to take care of the house, but I do what I can. I have this big house so I could adopt as many children as I could. This house has twenty rooms." My eyes widened and I walked with her into the kitchen were a cook was making our lunches. The cook turned around and smiled at us, his jolly face bright red.

" How does grilled cheese and tomato soup sound?" His voice boomed and we smiled.

" Good!" We all said in chorus, even Olivia.

" Alright then, that's what we'll have." The smells started coming from the stove and my mouth watered. I went to my room to put away my bags and check out the room further. It was amazing and brilliant, not too many words can describe the way I felt about my new life. I love it…


" Bahadur! I have an idea!" A woman rushed from one side of her marble room to the other.

" What Sajani? We have to meet the prince in an hour."

" We could find Kali and get her back!" Her tan face lit up and the red jewel on her forehead almost glowed with her excitement. The man shook his head and wrapped her in his arms.

" Dear, my beta, you know that we can't do that. We would lose everything, and face it with those cruel people she's probably dead." Her smile instantly faded and she cried in his arms. The six year old came in, with her satin outfit and decorated with jewels she looked like the princess herself.

" Your probably right, but I had my hopes…"


" Olivia?"

" Yes, Alexa?" I crossed the room and went to her.

" Could we find my parents?"

" No, I've already tried, any files that were there the Slade's destroyed."

" Oh…" I went to my room and sat on the bed, the paper on my desk was calling my name. I wonder if I could write and everything would be good… I went over and picked up my pen and just wrote for hours.

" Alexa! Lunch is ready!" Madeline came bounding up the stairs into my room and jumped on my bed.

" Madeline, I'm coming, now get down off my bed." She grinned and bounced onto her butt and landed on the floor and sprinted down the stairs. I laughed and quickly followed after. I could so get used to this life…

- Eight Months Later-

" Olivia… Isn't she beautiful?" I smiled a weak and tired smile, I was exhausted and pale. I held my baby girl in the maternity room. My frazzled hair and tearful eyes were a mess. Alexander and Madeline were sitting in the chair next to Olivia. My little life, my little joy, her name was Laurivia Marie Grace. Born on September 6 at 3:43pm, 3lbs. 6oz. A tan baby girl with black hair and brown eyes. A mini me and she was beautiful… A doctor came in with a sheet of paper,

" Do you want to know who the father is?" I nodded a quick nod and stared at my girl, who was her father? Her Master if I had not been saved?

" Connor Elijah Slade is the father of your baby." I cried, what he did to me was horrible, but in truth I would rather him be the father then Craig. I looked over at Olivia and she sighed a sympathetic sigh.

" Hey I knew it would be a girl…" I look over in the doorway and there stood Emily holding her son, Kaelin, and smiling. I let her hold Laurivia and we talked for hours. It looks like my life is going to be good after all… This little girl is my pride, my joy and now and forever… mine.