The society is cruel—it only looks at ranks, position, knowledge and intelligence. The society, the people, they all look at appearance as well. If there were an extremely rich man who dresses like a beggar, they would laugh and look down on him. However, if he were to take a billion bucks out, they would be singing a totally different tune. People are just like this. This is however, very obvious. They only want fame, money and looks. They want their daughters to only marry the rich, and want their son to only marry the beautiful, gentle, and of course: the rich. It's all about the money, appearance and rank. With rank, there is money. With money, there is rank. Now, despite you looking like a toad, if you have money, people would be surrounding you, licking your boots.

Nobody ever bothers with the poor people. Poor people would marry the poor. It's just that discriminating, this world! It has never once change, and this fact is the obvious truth that needed not be spelled out. With money, you change! You become egocentric, arrogant and selfish. Without money, you would be licking other peoples' boots, and would stop at nothing to at least earn some money. Money is evil—the source of all problems, argument and troubles.