Arianna could feel the vile presence when she walked into the house she was supposed to call home. She hesitated at the front door, drawing away from this reality. She watched the life around her go on while she put her own on pause. Her sister Kimberly turned the corner to go into her room, her only solitude in the house. Her nasty stepsister Melissa sat at the dinner table, tapping away a sappy, sex-related message to her new boyfriend. And then she saw her, the devil's wife in human form. No, not the wife-the devil himself in a masculine woman's body. Arianna could feel her blood boil inside of her as she watched Melissa's mother sweetly hand her something to eat. Arianna wanted to vomit and she watched all the horrible things Veronica Nelson had done to her flash before her eyes. No, this can't be my life. This can't be have been my childhood. My teenage years.

Only one more day, though, she though, happily and full of relief. Only more day here in this hellhole. Then I'll be spending the weekend at Emmy's and I won't have to see that ugly bitch and her slut daughter. It was actually only less than a day. Today was Thursday and she would be spending the weekend at her best friend Emily's house, a house that she actually preferred to call home rather than the one she actually lived in, instead of in the mountains cooking and washing dishes for snobby girl scouts.

Veronica noticed Arianna standing at the doorway. "Hello Arianna,"she said. Arianna almost cringed at the sound of her voice. She ignored her, but made her way to her room. Well, almost.

She felt a tug on her arm. Arianna turned back to see the bitch's face so up close. Arianna glared.

"I said, 'hello Arianna.' You say hello back," Veronica demanded.

"Let go of me,"Arianna ordered.

"Say hello!" Veronica snarled. Arianna bared her teeth together.

"Hi," she said, sharply and briefly. "Now let go of me!" Veronica let go and staggered back, shooting Arianna a puzzled look, as if she hadn't known what she did to make Arianna yell at her. Arianna groaned and stomped off towards her bedroom.

One more day, she repeated in her mind. One more day.

She slammed her door behind her and fell into her teal egg chair, dropping her backpack on the floor at her feet. She closed her eyes and repeated the question she asked herself everyday: Why me?

Why was her life so completely screwed over? What had she done wrong? She was grateful for her best friend and amazing boyfriend, both who were so incredibly supportive. She couldn't fathom how easy it must be for them, not having to go through all of this hell. Both had great families, both had great parents that were together. She wanted that. She knew her father had done a lot to hurt her mom and that getting back together most likely would never happen, but she still couldn't help but want it. She was tired of having a "family" like the one she had now. Why did she get the broken family?

They are not my family, she thought icily. They do not deserve a family. They deserve to leave the Earth forever. I hate them!

Suddenly, her door flew open and standing in her doorway was Veronica. The poison dripped from Arianna's fangs. Veronica stood there, narrowed eyes at Arianna. She'd done something "wrong" … again.

"Can you knock?" Arianna snapped.

"'Can you knock?'" Veronica mocked in a high-pitched voice. "Can you learn some manners? And respect?" Arianna scoffed. She needed to learn manners and respect? Bullshit!

"I need to learn some manners?" Veronica raised her eyebrows.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," Arianna muttered. Veronica stood there, glaring at her. She looked up, glared right back, and said, "Can you get out of my room now?" All those years Veronica had been rude to her, Arianna saw nothing wrong with being rude right back to her.

"This is not your room. This is not your house," Veronica scolded.

"That's so stu-"

"You don't pay the bills. You don't do anything for this house. You're lucky I love your mom enough to let you stay here!" Veronica cried, interrupting Arianna. Her blood was boiling. They were going to have another episode and she knew she herself would not be able to contain herself much longer. Arianna was going to explode.

"Don't hold back." She could hear Emily's words in her ear. "Lay it on her. Say how you truly feel and don't be afraid to cuss that bitch out!" She could hear her friend's laugh following after her exclamation.

I'm not afraid, Arianna thought.

"Bullshit!" she cried out. "That is a downright fucking LIE!" Veronica widened her eyes and lunged for her. Arianna shielded herself with her feet, holding Veronica away from her. Still, Veronica's strong arms reached Arianna's face and she began scratching away at her, pulling her hair at times as well.

"Get off of me!" Arianna screamed. Suddenly, Kimberly and Melissa ran into the room.

"Arie!" cried Kimberly, trying to pull Veronica off of her sister.

"Get off of my mom, bitch!" Melissa snarled, grabbing Kimberly's hair and yanking her back.

Arianna continued pushing Veronica back with her legs and blocking her face from Veronica's scratching. Of course Veronica would attack her now, now when her mother wasn't even here at the moment.

As if Arianna had secretly called her, her mother Lorena walked through the door, slamming it and running to the cries from Arianna's room.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Kimberly cried, trying to free her hair from Melissa's death grip.

"What is going on here?! Melissa let-Veronica! Get OFF of her!"

"Mommy!"Arianna cried. Veronica softened up just a bit and Arianna quickly pushed her with all of her might. Veronica fell back and Arianna ran out of the room and to the front door.

"You're a bitch, Veronica! You and your slut daughter! I hate you and I wish you both were DEAD!" Arianna screamed. She could suddenly hear footsteps and her door slamming open and closed. Even without shoes, she dashed out the door, Veronica and her mother's voices calling after her. She ran down the street, tears streaming down her face, her blood boiling over the top. She had to call Emily. She had to call Blake. But before she called the two closest people to her, she had to call CPS and get rid of Veronica once and for all, despite her mother's feelings for her. It was time CPS knew what really went on inside that house. She'd go to Emily's, no question, she'd just have her grandpa take her. She wasn't going to be anywhere near Veronica. Never, ever again.