Crossing the dimensions of the worlds was simple. Child's play, really. Fairies had done it for hundreds of years, not that he had before. If he needed to take someone from the mortal world, he could tell someone and they would do it for him, though he never had that need before now.

This girl, though, had captured his attention somehow. As if a thin veil attached to an arrow had been cast through his dreams, leading him to her, he saw wisps of her frequently during his sleep and would often try to reason it out.

He stood over the girl's bed and studied her face, awash in pale moonlight. A full mouth, pink and soft-looking. High cheekbones, a beauty mark gracing her right cheek underneath long eyelashes that didn't stir. She had faint traces of acne surrounding her nose, and shoulder-length auburn hair. She was pretty, for sure. He knew from his dreams the color of her eyes, a steel grayish green that could be uninvitingly cold or warm and forgiving. She would make a fine wife.

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