1 Day Before The Crash

I hate planes.

Just driving in Chicago, in the car with my niece, in the back seat yelling "Look Aunt Amber, there's an airplane in the sky!" makes me sick.

So how do I end up on?

One word.


My newly husband, James, wants to celebrate our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I tried hard to get him to change his mind. Maybe a road trip or something? James insisted we spark up our marriage going somewhere neither of us had traveled to.

The 'Fasten Seatbelt' sign lights up as I sit on the plane.

"Ha!" I think, "One step ahead of them."

James grabs my hand, knowing my fears of planes. "We can do this Amber. Once we arrive we can check out the spa and then maybe visit those stores you've looked up," James says. I smiles as he kisses my cheek, "We're going to be okay," he insured. I took a deep breath and heard a bing noise.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain Jim speaking, and I want to say thank you for choosing United Airlines," he goes on about the weather and how our travel to Costa Rica would be like. "Now I will like to tell you some important safety features. There are 10 exits aboard this plain. 2 towards the front on either side, 2 before the wings on either sides, 2 over the wings on either side, 2 at the rear of the aircraft on either side, and 2 in the center of the upper deck on either side. Each exit will have a slide door that opens automatically that deploys when open."

"There's so much info!" I whisper in James' ear.

"I know Hun, but it's for our safety," he laughs. "let him do his job." I work at the popular teen clothing store, Vorón, better yet I'm the boss of the corporation.

The captain continues, "In a rare case of cabin pressure, face mask will drop down from the over head bins." I glance up and sure enough a sign read 'face mask'.

"Everything seems to be in place"

"Stick the mask over you mouth before you children folks, and then help the child." the captain says.

"I always wanted children...God, I really need to listen. This is my first time on an airplane."

I look at my hands, shaking in James grip.

"I'm scared," I shiver and lay into my husband shoulder. He brushes his fingers through my long, brown hair.

"It's alright, we haven't even taken off yet, I have you," James stated.

The loud voice continued to speak. "Please insure your seat belts are fasten, and...OH MY GOD!"

"What's going on?" I'm frightened. Looking from left to right while searching for answers, my left arm beings to shake, and I can feel something deep inside my chest thudding hard against my chest. I glance at James who seems to look worried, along with everyone else on the plane. The whole plane is in silence.

The airplane hasn't taken off and our captain didn't even tell us we're taking off, let alone where the life jackets were located.