Do you know me?

Another day has dawned, as always my feet hit the floor running,

an early morning routine awaits, breakfast, a few chores, a quick shower,

then off to work for most of the day, then home I came to a few more chores,

and another meal to prepare, then at some stage I collapse into my chair.

The months go by, the routine the same, work, sleep, sleep, work,

the dollars I earn almost keep the expenses at bay, with always one extra thing

keeping the budget tight, a night of wining and dining,

trips to the cinema, or dances, do people still do that,

how can they afford it, they do, you mean people my age,

obviously they earn more than my wage.

The years have rolled on, the routine is changing,

there is extra cash to spend as I wish, I have made my mark, and I feel contented,

my lifestyle has taken an unexpected turn. I spend hours doing leisurely tasks,

my priorities have altered. I make time for me and you.

In now appreciate long walks on a summer day,

in the garden with the grandchildren you will find me at play.

Regrets, I have a few, however, opportunities for the future are bright,

the hours I toiled, thinking I needed to be the biggest and the best.

I considered at the time to be necessary, they now belong in the past,

my family at times I did neglect, it is now time to forgive and forget,

the future is a gift to and from each other, lets fill it with time together,

new adventures, we can have, maybe even revisit memories of our youth,

lets have a picnic down by the lake, shall we go dancing down at the bar,

or lets be a bit naughty and go make out in the car.