Chasing Happiness

I feel a loss, stemming from where I know not.

Nor is the knowledge of if it will stop!

At every turn a painful memory

Going back, going forward, spinning in circles.

Hells bells! I'm in a mess

Created by who, someone please confess!

If only I could manage a smile

I'd be alright for a while.

Maybe a drink or two, would make me feel better

It did back in the day when I was a go getter.

Nowadays a drink my mood does darken,

And my demons I hear harkin and barkin.

I demand to know, I want to know,

Who was it that made my happiness go,

Who's to blame, do they feel any shame,

How would I feel if through my door they came.

Woe is me, woe is me, misery loves company,

For a while now that company is me, woe is me, woe is me

Why is it that no one knocks at my door,

I've got an inkling but I'm not sure

Keeping company with misery is such a bore.

Winter is long and gloomy,

my little house is not roomy.

If only the sun would return

to settle upon the fern,

A day at the beach, happiness within reach.

In the warmth of the day I know for sure

The lack of happiness rested at my own door

During the long cold winter I regret

I stole my happiness as I sat to fret.