Chapter 2

- Summer 2007 –

"I fucking hate you!" I yelled from my door and shut it afterwards.

My lovely aunt Linda is a fucking bitch! Not to mention a slut! No wonder my mom never talked about her, I would gladly deny she's anything resembling family too!

I grabbed my jacket and my iPod and went to the roof and laid there.

It has been four months, two weeks and five days since my parents died and since my slut of an aunt has made my life a living hell. I looked down, wishing my roof were higher so that I could jump off and not only get a sprained ankle or a concoction, but actually died. Sweet oblivion… Maybe I should slice my wrist and drink some Percocet beforehand to numb me… a painless death, unlike the one my dad had.

"Emily," someone called me from below. I peeked over the edge and a handsome guy was standing there with a bottle of Vodka in one hand and a smile plastered on his lips.

I smirked, Josh Anderson. My companion and ally for whenever I need some drinks or just ditch school. I guess I do have pretty good friends. "Mr. Popular, what are you doing here?" I said, mimicking all his drones from school.

"I'm here to make your day, so can I come up?" I nodded and he was up in an instant. And in that same instant I snatched the Vodka and took a long swing, letting it burn my throat and the pain reminding me that I'm still alive… Living my own hell.

"Tough day?" he asked. I shrugged. Ever since my parent's death, I don't talk much. Well, either I talk too much or talk too little. It depends.

"Do you think that if you drink Percocet then cut your wrists, you don't feel a lot of pain?" I asked him, not really wanting him to respond, just voicing out my curiosity.

He looked at me with serious eyes and snatched the Vodka from me, "You're thinking about slicing your wrists and drinking Percocet to numb yourself?" he asked me in a low voice.

I didn't answer… I just keep thinking about it, looking up at the beautiful color changing sky. "Since when have you started to think about suicide?"

"I've always thought of death, well, since four months ago, but who wouldn't. Death must be a hell lot better than this…" I looked at him. Out of everyone, he was the only one who understood me. He had idiotic parents that were already trying to match him up with some rich girl who would make their fortune a whole lot bigger.

"Don't you think about it, Josh?"

"Nah, I enjoy life too much to cut it short. I dream about escaping. Running away far from where their greedy hands won't touch me." I nodded.

We were quiet for a long while looking up at the sky. Josh was right… If I killed myself, then my parents wouldn't be too happy about that. They would be pissed actually, seeing as how they always tried to make me have fun and enjoy life. Maybe running away was the best option. Maybe running away after I graduate, so that I can go away and actually do something in my life.

"Hey, Josh."

"What's up?"

"Can I run away with you?"

He looked at me and smiled, "Sure thing, Em."

"But not now, after we graduate, we'll both be 18 and legal, they won't be able to tell us to come back… we don't ever have to come back unless we want to. I want to enjoy life and not think of killing myself every few minutes… I want to be something." He smiled sweetly at me, a notion much foreign to his face, but that deserved to be there more often...

"I'm glad you want to be something Em, and I won't leave this dump without you, okay?"

I looked at him, my eyes had gone moist at the sudden will to live, the chance of being someone, going somewhere, having a plan and willing it to come true. Even if I don't leave with Josh, we'll leave this place and never come back…

"Man, I fucking love you Josh!" I said throwing myself on him and smiling through my tears. He laughed and hugged me back.

"I always knew you were madly in love with me!"

I just laughed with him, feeling as light as a feather.

So do you like josh? He may be a prick, but he's handsome and great to Emily even though he brings her booze. Anyway, thanks to all those who reviewed my story, it means a lot, my heart stops and skips a beat whenever I see I have a review. Thank you, all, really. Thanks!