Getting lost

Beautiful blue just sit very still

Orange hues lilting through

Faraway crimson fireflies

Raining down like meteorites

Spring coloured letters drifting

Carried by the turtle dove

Sea coloured hands red misty eyes

Buttercup smiles the red thread ties

Sinking beneath another happiness

Wrapped in a selfish blanket

Slowly the pillowcase suffocates

Whatever voice rose in protest

The light house has forgotten me

New insecurities gather to haunt me

The little life boat is filling up

But it's not just me on board

The other stands like a mast

His sails white and blooming

To him the sky has no ending

Yet the darkness resides in me

The chains he does not see I make

The guilt he does not understand

They bind me not him to the sinking boat

Yet he does not leave me

I was lost to him a long time ago

And now the boat is sinking

And now the stars are winking

And now the story's ending