Don't worry 'bout me

I guess it won't work anymore
This "friendship" we once had
I guess it won't make a difference
If I told you it's making me sad

Stupid to think it would last forever
Friends will always come and go, right?
I'll just have to deal with the pain of loosing a friend
And try to regain hope late at night

You kinda tore me apart
When you stopped talking to me
Was it really that easy for you?
To see me as a "used-to-be"

Guess you never looked back
To see me standing there in pain
To see the tears running down my face

Must've never meant that much to you
You're truly a great actor
You made me believe you cherished our friendship
Guess you always held that power

Did you ever think twice
Before throwing me away
Like some used napkin?
Never looked in my face

I'm just another to you
Someone pretending to be your friend
Is that how you truly saw it?
Did you bring it to an end
Because I wasn't cool enough?

Don't worry 'bout me anymore
I think I can survive
Though I'd think I'd prefer
To live with a lie

Don't worry about looking back
The rain's washed me away
You won't see me anymore
Not since that day

Don't worry 'bout hurting me
You've done that before
Don't worry about my heart
It'll always be this sore

So, I guess this is my final goodbye
My final words you'll never see
I know you'll never come back
But I wonder if you'll ever miss me