One Who Was Beautiful yet Nameless

By Daniel Mapp

I will always remember our fated meeting

The Greek's pictures were glistening upward clearly,

My sight lowered away from the coiled dragon,

To behold a place submerged within serenity,

A silent open stretch of land lied empty,

As breezes passed over its dewy greenness,

Suddenly my eyes beheld a slow approaching figure,

My breast launched forward pushed by thumbing,

What thing walked amongst the dewy lushness?-

Specters and boogies came to my mind,

It could have been a blacker terror,

But I remained upon that elevated hillock,

My conscious spoke stating within my mind,

"Have courage and patience don't depart yet",

From that spot I saw her walking gracefully,

Selene gleamed upon lengthy curled ashen locks,

Behind a bleached radiant face in innocent youth,

An indigo gown shrouded her curvy form,

I realized she was nearly upon me,

For I had out her appearance with ease.

Crickets grew silent during her silken descent,

Bumps carpeted me suddenly then,

When the odd girl stood before me;

For calmness caressed me seeing this maiden,

Greater than the genesis of a howling tempest.-

She looked upon my weary drowsy appearance,

After dusting green fragments off her gown's end,

"You observe what lies within the far void?"

Asking this she stood smiling before me,

Without the hint of an guile being,

"Yes I enjoy watching its circular lanterns."-

I said returning her friendly mellow tone,

She looked upward to the above slowly,

"Why does he make me place it there?"

She said in a low sorrowful wispier,

I opened my mouth yet no word formed,

I stood there pondering over what she said,

Finally I cleared my throat and spoke softly,

"Who is this 'he' you speak of?"

I asked with pity driving my curious words.-

She looked upon me frowning grimly,

Many moments she stood utterly speechless,

Then she spoke with rising sorrow.

"He is one who placed me here,

Who wrought all that there is;

Upon me he engraved govern shadows,

That occupies this realm till Venus glows,

For your foolish race commits grotesque deeds;

Yet my hands are deeply charred for,

I must direct golden Helios into the west;

These are my life's duties yet curses sadly,

For my people's reputation consists of purity,

Yet I am an odd blot amongst them,

I am known for rest yet fear."-

After she spoke she reclined upon me whimpering,

My arms wrapped around her pity driven,

"You are misunderstood by many fare one,

But me and himcomprehend you seraph."-

Her midnight hued eyes looked into mine,

Warm lips suddenly pressed against my cheek,

As Aurora shaded the east with scarlet,

She disappeared without a sound or word,

A nightingale passed soaring overhead singing softly,

It followed the ebony night retreating far westward,

He planned that meeting the earth's crafter,

I will always remember our fated meeting.