His Enraged Words (Ode)

By Daniel Mapp

"Look upon me with full attention now,

Before I take your breath mighty prince,

For smiting he who I loved dearly,

After your fenced town's archer protector,

Removed my wrinkly father's radiant armor,

While blurring his sapphire shaded eyes,

By simply slamming his ageless pale palm,

Into him driven by mindless high rage,

Making him loose avoidance to your attack;

His wisdom driven sister told me this,

Who sprung from Storm Crafter Jupiter's mind,

Within a vision when Peruses hovered overhead,

Clutching the monstrous serpent haired female's head!-

Do you hold the knowledge 'great warrior',

To capture the foolish inexperienced young man,

In mercy for rising against seasoned fighters,

Upon the field where Mars oversees battalions,

To intake their fallen occupants' spilled fluid;

Where multiple small iron fragments float,

Alas simpleton you know not these words,

So prepare to meet Sleep's dim twin,

After my spear passes beyond your flesh!-

Utter nothing for your fate was decided,

Before my closest friend's limbs went numb,

By your cowardly yet soft sibling's deed,

That stole Sparta of its female monarch,

From the far peninsula of my home

To this plain veiled by limp bodies!-