Long Road

By Daniel Mapp

Sit not within the oak's shade,

For being scorched by Helios's face,

Overhead within cloudless blue climes;

Yet you're feet's many fallings,

Upon the stone veiled way,

Before you're slowly lowering eyes,

For when they open again,

Snowy locks shall shroud them,

As Wisdom's palm caresses you,

Making your vision become hazed,

Viewing the far pine dotted field,

Where mix hue flowers sit,

Open amid lush green blades,

Many leagues beyond this place.-

Behold as it dissolves away,

As a rider comes forth,

On a colorless towering charger,

Within dented clanking ebony armor,

Stating "Arise you indolent fool,

I take you to the Wraith,

Within his high luminous dwelling!"