Your rhymes that make my skin crawl,
sing me more, I've lost it all
already to your pleasant song,
a tune we've been singing all along.

A violent note followed by peace,
a gentle climb, a fast release.
Hinting lyrics, an innuendo.
A lasting rhyme with a decrescendo.

I wasn't the first, last, though maybe worst.
But I was the one singing your verse.
Yet I got off pitch, and I changed key,
never rewinding, I changed me.

The eighth note of truth only lasts so long,
one among many in this eternal song.
Sing the measure you know you'll regret,
split with two voices, an immortal duet.

I know every word, it's over-played,
until I hear your song begin to fade…
My part still holds, forever it will,
hanging in the air, patient and still.

A catchy melody, a steady beat.
Those chords that always seem to repeat.
Never off pitch, you don't miss a note.
But the final beat gets caught in your throat…