Always on my Mind

Never wanting anyone else to know how much I love you;
How long can I keep quite?
Until someone discovers the truth.

Even if I promise to stop thinking about you,
Promising my closest friends.
Promising myself, that you would never hurt me again.
So why do I keep going back to you?

No matter what others say about you;
I still think highly of you.
I never want your image to be spoiled by others.
All I ever wanted was for you to know how I feel,

But now that things are out of hands.
All I want is to be now,
is one of your closest friends.

I can always appear like nothing's wrong when others are around,
Even when you're alone.
But my heart is trying to burst out.

Why can't I express myself?
Am I afraid of losing you completely?
Or is it because I just can't find the words?

Others may think that I'm over you,
The way I act, only like a normal friend.
But can't anyone else see?
That my love for you only deepens.

I hate myself.
Why do I have to be so passionate.
Never being able to let go.

If I can change the way I feel,
Then all would be well.
How many nights must I comfort myself,
Until I'm totally over you?
How many liters of tears must I cry before you notice,
My feelings for you.