See all those fake smiles

Hear all those vicious rumours
Their words spear your heart

Their disdainful looks
Spewing lies behind your back

All in their own cliques

Wanting to escape
Going to your 'friends' to help
To ease all this pain

They introduce you
To a white powder called Ice
Saying its the best

Being innocent
Doing what they are doing
Feeling pain briefly

Everything fades
Feel so happy and alive
So impregnable

Then it vanishes
Leaving you feeling empty
Suddenly tired

Taking it again
To escape reality
And the cruel life

Feeling euphoric
Escaping the agony
All over. Again

Living for the drugs
Knowing that what you do is
What you hate - all lies

This is a Japanese poem, a Haiku. The first line is supposed to have 5syllabus, then 7syllabus in the second line and 5syllabus again in the third