you are my sunshine

you are more

you are the only exception

you are not alone

you are a pirate...

you can dance

you can call me al

you can't explain that

you can do it

you can't take it with you...

you like this

you like to drink so do we

you like me too much

you like to be in the middle of a big crowd

you like the juice

you might be a zombie

you might be a redneck if

you might get nervous

you might be a packer fan if

you might die trying

you are almost there

you are almost out of profile storage space

you are almost welcome

you are almost as good as your dog

you are almost there

you eat like a baby dinosaur

you eat what you kill

you eat babies

you eat what you are

you eated my cookie

you aren't who i thought you were

you aren't in a party spam

you aren't that smart

you aren't worth it

you aren't a single lady

I am nuber for

I am

I am love

I am bored

I am legend

I will survive

I will always love you

I will survive

I will follow you into the dark

I will not bow

we are who we are

we are the world

we are who we are

we are the champions

we are the world