You're a silly girl. You with your bubble-gum pink nails and blonde pig-tailed hair, you are innocent.

You, one who believes in right and wrong, I laugh at you. You, who is so certain of reality, I laugh.

Because you're a silly girl, living in a black and white world.

You, who draws the world black and white; You, who paints yourself in the pinkest pink.

You think that answering the question means something. Does it justify your existence if you give the right answer?

You, one who believes in the existence of right answers; is there a theoretical point system if you give them what they want?

Tell me silly girl, what happens when you get to a thousand points? What about a million? Do they build a temple for you? Do you ascend to a higher plane?

Because I can tell you the world would be in such a sad state if we all colored in black and white. And though I could paint the world in two colors, I choose not to.

I believe in tints, I believe in pastels, I believe in color.
And, I trust randomization. And, I have faith in chaos.

I believe that a canvas can be more than just a canvas. And I believe that though I could spit out the "right answer", I choose to challenge the asker with an unexpected one.

So go ahead and stand in line with the other schmucks who cover their heads, hide their eyes, and stuff cotton in their ears. They file past your glorious black and white temple of innocent certainty and into a gray and boring world.

I will be rolling on the ground here laughing.

Laughing because chaos is sublime.