A/N: Hey Everyone! I just thought of doing a random journal based on me during my high school years. So basically, I am going to write this as if no one is going to read it. And well those of you do, I love to share what's going on with me, and maybe even some advice? ** Names Are Changed**

Monday, April 04, 2011

So I'm finished with all my homework, and updated my latest story on here, and I still need something to do. I originally started writing a journal, but gave up on that and toss those in the trash. Let me tell you something now, I regret it. I know people blog their lives all the time, but I still want the memories for when I get old, crusty, and wrinkly when I get old. This journal is my Confessions of Myself.

The Intro paragraph is finally done, and with that said; let's move on with my day interesting day at school. Spring break has finally ended, and the honest truth I'm happy to go back to school. From seeing the people that I care for, those who could care less about me, even the ones that don't get along with me I miss them all!

Nothing important happened in the beginning of the day. There's a new freshmen (I think freshmen, because it took him awhile to go get his book from his locker) sits next to me in Spanish. Puerto Rican, and doesn't know how to speak Spanish! I really don't date guys that are a grade level down from me. My LEGS KILL now from running pacers in gym class. Not only that but I embarrassed myself walking down the last step to my 5th period math class and tripping. Thankfully landing on someone that fell down with me that was amazingly cute Mexican. I have no problem describing this guy, but let's leave it at, he's hot and single. We used to talk a lot during our freshmen year. I don't ever think of dating him, he's sweet and funny, but not for me.

To the next thing… I saw my ex. I realize now that I didn't talk to him today, but that's whatever. We aren't together, but I can't seem to stop caring? Anyways, I don't know what but drama went down with one of my good friend Bianca. When I see her towards the day I ask what's up, and she just gives me the minimum. A.k.a I won't tell you who, nor will I tell you full on details, but you get to hear the reason why I get upset with this person. Yeah, but that really got to me today that she isn't a true friend to me now. This is like their second argument, but I understand it's none of my business.

Now at home, in my neat room (for a change! My parents are always drilling me to keep it clean) my mom is telling me now, I need to keep my cell a home. Uhm no, I actually don't care if I get it taken away. As soon as that gets taken away, I can guarantee you I will not be a sweet girl everyone thinks I am. You'll actually see the real me. I have a story behind my love life, but that's enough for today.

Song That Corresponds With My Day: "Should Let You Go" Keyshia Cole

Here's some strong advice, move on, that's life
You're wrong, I'm right, and I'm glad I let you go

Story "Just In" You Should Read: "Change Can Be Good" by KuraHana