A/N: Hey Everyone! I just thought of doing a random journal based on me during my high school years. So basically, I am going to write this as if no one is going to read it. And well those of you do, I love to share what's going on with me, and maybe even some advice?

** Names Are Changed**

Monday, May 17, 2011

Morning around 6:49

Riding the bus. No one was actually on it except for my stop and the one after. I think I like this kid named Ryan. I haven't told anyone yet, but I really want to get to know him…

Afternoon 2:08

Well school is out in about 17 more minutes. I can't wait to get home. Also, I said earlier there were no people on my bus. THEY WENT ON A DIFFERENT BUS TO A DIFFERENT HIGH SCHOOL! Isn't that nuts? The high school I attend now is alright, but I wish the boundary lines wouldn't had split us up. I was born to be a Warrior. There's not much to do in the access period I have right now. I mean I study and did ALMOST all my homework. Lol I don't want to lunge my whole backpack with me to my house. Seriously, I know we got a lot of history and we don't want it to repeat, but for the sake of my back; we need to minimize the book size!


When I was in 7th grade, we learned about volcanoes. We were popcorn reading and when it came to my turn to read I got to a sentence quoting "Volcano eruptions are very difficult job to clean up" I said erections instead of eruptions. The whole class was laughing so loud that the teacher next door came in to ask what was funny. Of course Jeremy had to say something, and by the end of the day, everyone knew. I remember loving the subject so much, and to this day I always fear of reading out loud. Don't get me wrong I'm really outgoing. Just when it comes to reading out loud of a textbook when I don't raise my hand; and the teacher calls me, I cringe up.

Anyways about that guy I like. Ryan. I finally got to talk to him. I am kind of happy how fast I've moved for this guy I really want to get to know. He turns out to be a really sweet guy. I'm sure most people find him annoying from what I heard, but you can't listen to what some people say about him.

Song That Corresponds With My Day: "Australia" Jonas Brothers (I don't really listen to them)

You never listen to me
I know I'm better off alone
Everybody knows it's true
Yeah we all see through you
No it won't be hard to do
Throw away my stuff from you

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