All Words

will you walk with me in silence
to the far side of the hill,
and see the mist over silver forest
in the morning, hanging still?

will you walk with me in silence
in the half-light of the dawn,
and follow me through golden fields
before the moon's ghost has gone?

the gift of your silence
is all I want from you,
because I know that you see with me
the black side of the blue.

to be behind me, dark and quiet
is all I ask of you,
for our feet still know the way
to the far end of the view.

in your silence is my safety
a secret night, and ours alone
so your silence is my treasure
my empty space, our shared backbone.

here, where all words escape you,
I will never need to know
to what place your thoughts have gone;
for to the far end, no thought can go.