I sighed deeply as a sign saying "welcome to San Francisco, CA" known for its beautiful beaches and citizens. It was really hot today, typical Californian weather, I suppose not too different from my old home in Palm Beach, FL yet the air was a bit dryer here. I shifted my body to try and find a more comfortable position, if that were possible with all the boxes occupying all the free space in our Grand Caravan. If you still couldn't tell, we weren't just stacking boxes in our car for random fun, we were moving, from Florida to California by CAR! It was my dad's idea of 'really getting to know America' his words, not mine. It'd been 5 days and a half sitting in a car, stopping only to put gas, pee and sleep, of course. My neck was aching my feet were asleep and man, was I grumpy, who wouldn't after almost a week of road trip?

"Mom, are we there yet?" I whined like a little kid. I was really stressed and needed a nice, long bubble bath."Aubree, honey, has your father pulled over yet? I think not, so please stop whining." my mom hissed, probably as tense as I was. After about 45 minutes of searching for Typhoon Beach and found our relatively new and good-looking house. It wasn't as fancy and beautiful as the neighbor's but it seemed roomy and comfy, that was the important part. As soon as my dad stopped the car in the garage, I quickly slid the back door open and stumbled out of the car."HALLELUJAH ! I thought my feet would never feel ground again!" I yelled, okay so I was a bit dramatic, that's just me =3 I was almost kissing the ground at this point, did I mention I get motion sickness during long drives? Apparently not."Stop being a drama queen and start getting the boxes!" my mom exclaimed, always ruining my happiness.

After bringing up all the boxes to the house I was Pooped, and since we were still awaiting the truck with our furniture, I decided to check out the neighborhood. I grabbed my bikinis from my suitcase dressed into it and went downstairs, pleading to god that my mom didn't see me sneaking out, she'd be all naggy telling me to go organize my things. I rolled my eyes at the thought as I quietly tiptoed down the stairs and out the door. I walked to the back porch, taking in the beautiful scenery, cloudless sky, aqua clear water and that adored salty sea smell. I ran to the water, my toes wriggling between the fluffy sand. The beach was rather crowded, what did I expect? After all, it was a hot Saturday. Oh, the joys of a nice beach. I walked towards the water, for some reason observing the many seashells scattered along the floor, when I bumped into something hard. I slowly looked up."Watch where you're going! Has the beach become too small for you?" a god like boy stood in front of me. He was about a head taller than me, a sculpted muscular body but not bulky, had strawberry blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, a very handsome fellow. Unfortunately, by what I could judge from his character, he seemed like the arrogant, self-centered type of hotty that got all the girls with a crack of a smile. He could be the queen of Sheba for all I cared, and he still didn't have the right to talk to people, to me, like that.

"I'm sorry. And please, don't talk to me like that." I stated bluntly. That should put him in his right place.

"who do you think you are?" he spat, looking me up and down with criteria in his glare.

"I'm a person, and that's not how you talk to a person, jerk." I rolled my eyes and turned on my heels to walk away when he grabbed me by the wrist, forcing me to turn back to his face. I scowled loudly.

"you don't even know me, so don't call me names." he said coolly gritting his teeth loudly.

"I'm glad I don't know you." I scoffed, tugging my arm away from his tight grip and walking to the water. I could almost feel his glare of death on me. The bastard, he should go talk to his mama the way he did to me. Eager to get away from his gaze, I dove head first into the warm salty water. Five days without the pleasure of water embracing my body was torture. God, I loved being in the water. I'm a swimmer, a champion at that, I don't mean to brag but I was the Florida state champ three years running and I did not intend to leave swimming because we were moving. Luckily, I got a swimming scholarship to St. John Academy, a prestigious catholic school here in San Francisco, it wasn't even too far from my house and I heard they had an Olympic pool and other great extra activities like dance, theater, art, chess, etc. I swam a few more minutes until my belly started begging for food. Damn belly, it's never happy always wants more!

I squeezed the excess water away from my hair, to try and not get the house wet, though it was all dusty. I lightly ran up to my new room, crashing on the aircushion I had set up until all the furniture came. I slept like a baby, though the aircushion wasn't really comfortable, it was still better than the car's seat. My eyes slowly opened, while my hand reached for my blackberry to check the time, 12:34 A.M. !oh no, I still hadn't eaten nor prepared my things for tomorrow morning. Everything must be perfect for a first day of school, the first impression is everything! I prepared my uniform and laid it out on top of some empty boxes and setting my black mary-janes near it. I went downstairs, grabbed a snack and went back to bed, I was exhausted.