Chapter 3

I didn't know his name, and quite frankly, I didn't care, but what I knew of him (which was little) was based on that unfortunate and unpleasant encounter on the beach yesterday. I hoped at that moment that he wouldn't recognize or maybe even ignore me; it didn't matter, as long as I didn't have to deal with him.

Kelsey turned her completely, following my gaze to no-name hotty/jerk. She turned back to face me with raised eyebrows and a grin that stretched from one ear to the other on her delicate pale face.

"I see you've spotted Erick Black, A.K.A. one of St. John Academy's hottest Jocks." she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. Erick, so that's what his name is, not that I care or anything.

"Erick Black huh? Well he is handsome I can tell you that." I replied casually with a careless rise and fall of my shoulders.

"Handsome and a player too." she whispered, looking back at her book as Erick passed in front of us and sat behind me, leaving a strong, yet pleasant trail of cologne/perfume that made my senses whir with a foreign feeling that I just couldn't explain. I made a curtain with my hair, blocking his side view of my face as I turned to talk to Chelsea, as soon as the teacher began speaking, making me turn to face him.

"Good morning. I am Mr. Smith. Welcome to advanced algebra." the tall, bulky, dark-skinned man said to the class. Wait, did he just say ADVANCED algebra? I'm not supposed to be taking any advanced classes. In fact, the only advanced class I'd be glad to take, is English!

I closed my eyes tight in thought and made my hands into fists, meanwhile Mr. Smith kept going on about how much fun we could have with math this year, as if! I could tell this was going to be a long year.

Mr. Smith wrote five exercises of quadratic equations to solve and told us to solve each one in one of the five ways of resolving quadratic equations(seriously, what is this teacher's issue? It's first damn day of school still!). I, of course, took long to solve them, being that last time I saw this thing was back in freshmen year. I noticed how the teacher observed me, which kind of creeped me out a bit, but not in that freaky perverted way. When I took the exercises for him to check them, he spoke to me about how he noticed my difficulties with the equations.

"what's your name?" he asked, silently observing my work.

"Aubree." I spoke in a hushed tone.

"well, Aubree, I see you have a few difficulties with quadratic equations."

"yes, well, if my problem was only with quadratic equations-" I trailed off.

"ohh, I see. We can work up some extra classes or maybe a tutor for you. Would you like that?"

"yes, I would." I smiled. I really needed too. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad. Who knows, maybe I would actually learn something.

I got up and went back to my seat, sitting on my chair and doodling in my notebook, when the voices coming from behind me caught my attention. I continued doodling, though my ears were tuned to their conversation. They said nothing of my interest. What am I doing? Am I really spying on them? I thought when something they said made me tune back in.

"hey, raven-hair in front of you is hot isn't she?" said the boy behind Erick.

"yeah, do you see that ass?" he whispered promiscuously.

I stopped myself from gasping instantly. I think Kelsey heard too, because she turned to meet my confused face, with a face flushed red.

I shook my head amusingly. I really hope he tries something, something to be reasonable enough for me to smack him, because that was what I felt like doing at the moment. How dare they talk about me, about my ass like that? Did they really think I couldn't hear them, did they think I was deaf? Or did they want me to hear them? Questions, questions.

"I bet you 5 bucks says you can't even get a date with her." said the kid behind Erick.

"Ha! Twenty bucks says I can take her to bed on the first date." I heard him chuckle to his friend. The fiend!

"You're so on!" said his friend.

Those last few comments made my blood bubble in anger. How could someone be so cocky? My thoughts were interrupted with a tap to my shoulder.

"hey, lend me a pencil sharpener please?" said Erick with a flashy, seductive smile. I smirked evilly at him, planning a downfall to his plan to get me laid. I turned around and placed the sharpener in his awaiting hand, still smiling.

"my name's Erick." he said casually.

"Aubree." I replied.

"you're new here aren't you?" he asked, gaze still on me. I reckoned he really didn't remember me from the beach.

"yup." I answered coldly, hoping he would give up on this conversation.

"where did you use to live?" I could see he wasn't gonna give up soon.

"Florida." I said while retrieving the sharpener from his hand and facing him.

"that's cool, so-" I cut him off right there.

"listen, if your talking to me because you think your going to get me laid and win that bet, then you're terribly mistaken." I smirked evilly at him. He glared at me angrily and I could've sworn that his left eye was slightly twitching.

"what are you talking about? I was just trying to be nice." he said politely. He's good, the way he recovered himself was a surprise to me.

"what, do you think I'm deaf? I heard you talking to your friend over there." I pointed to the brunette behind him and noticed people staring at us. How embarrassing!

"whatever." he scowled coolly. I rolled my eyes at his attitude, hearing his brunette friend laughing at Erick's burn.