Could someone please locate my heart?
I'm not sure where it's got to. Little pieces stick
with me, others went missing along the way. I know
where they are, yet don't know how to get them back…

I don't know how to survive with the pieces which remain
half a heart being pulled in every direction,
little pieces being rebroken because the past doesn't change,
doesn't get better, just repeats.

She had the first part, as much as I may deny it, she will always have a part,
as much as I saw I've let go, moved on, it's always there,
it never goes. She still owns that part of my heart,
one part I'll never get back. One part I can do without.

But then there's him. He gave it back, or so he tried,
he didn't know how it was connected to him, how he
couldn't just let go, and give it back
and expect it to fix itself.

And I can't forget all them. The ones who screamed
We'll always be here, got into my heart and
ran away with their piece, leaving me crying,
wanting them back but knowing I have to let them leave…

And now what's left… Broken pieces of a shattered heart
forcing themselves back together, but not all there,
never all there. Watching the ones who hold a piece,
seeing those pieces rebroken again and again…