Magick World

"Susan! hurry up we are going to be late I would like to be there a little before noon!" I ran down stairs.

"Im coming!" I yelled.

I ran outside to get in the car with my bag of extra clothes, make-up, and shoes.
"Ok where are we going again? I forgot." "We are going to a water park."
"Oh yea."I said, looking out the window. My straight, long, black hair was whipping acrossed my face so I put it in a pony tail. I rolled up my window and leaned back in my seat and fell asleep. Later on my brother, Robert, woke me up "We are here Suse." He said excitedly.

I sat up and smoothed down my hair and got out of our car and walked down the long path and stopped.

" Mom, Dad why arent you guys coming?"

They've been acting wierd for a month now, since the trip to the hospital when I got stung by a bee.

"No honey, its your day today."

"Oh ok bye." I walked down the path I opened the doors and went inside it was full with people running around, having a fun. So I desided to go sit at a table for a few minutes to watch people playing around. Finally I stood up and wa approached by a guy my age he was tall, slender, and had good looking muscles. He wore wierdish looking clothes.

"Hello there, your Susan Mcgruire right?"

"Yea" I said.

"Im Steven Ace I was told about..." he paused and looked me up and down.

"You" he said disgusted.

"Please follow me."

"I dont think so."

"We havent got all day hes coming soon to look for you." He said impaitently.

"Come on hurry up."

Just then there was a sudden BOOM and people started screaming and ran for thier lifes. Steven grabbed my hand and pulled me into a run. We went threw people and stoopped at a tunnel that looked dark and creepy.

"NO im so not going in there!" I said backing away. "You have to!"

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in the tunnel. Right when I blacked out.

When I woke up I was on a wierd bed and I sat up it looked like a guys room. The door opened and a girl came in.

"Ahh your awake Susan."

"I dont know you please let me go home." "You are home once you enter in The Magick World you can not go back."

"No" she stepped forward. "You have powers to control insects and minds of people" She turned in a circle and her dress weaved out.

"You've noticed bugs have been attracted to you."

"Yea so what?" I said. "You belong here." She looked around. "But not in Stevens room." She laughed.

"Hes out taking care of his morning routes." She said stop laughing. "Morning routes?" She sighed.

"Yea he's a tend keeper he helps with some other peoples routes."


"Yea I'm surprised that he doesnt have a Savior yet."

"Savior?" I asked confused.

"You ask too many questions, a Savior is when you get hurt you go into a realm and the other person who is your Savior helps heal you and pulls you out of the realm but you have to choose each other or get chosen by the higher people" she explained.

"Anyways heres your clothes." She handed me them.

"And meet me in the hallway and do not leave anything of yours behind he will FREAK" she laughed.

"I wont." She left the room and shut the door. I changed into the odd white dress thing and picked up my stuff. I opened the door and followed the girl into the cafeteria with other people in it. She handed me a tray.

"Eat it you have work ahead of you soon."


"Its your part to help out with the bee's with Murary." I rolled my eyes. "Ok?" I sighed this is going to be hard to fit in.

"Hurry up and eat so I can show you around" I ate and afterwards she showed me the Bee Room.

"I cant go in there because im not a bee keeper but you can." I backed up. "No I'll pass." I backed up against someone. "Watch it" I stepped forward real fast and turned around.

"Im sorry." Steven grinned. "Kaira I'll take her inside the bees room you go do your rounds."

"Yea ok have fun." She sighed. "See you Susan" she waved and left.

He looked at me and frowned. "Okay." He sighed. "When we go inside be careful. Dont get stung you dont want to go into the realm." He said opening the door.

We walked in the bees stopped swarming. I opened my mouth automatically and screamed, Steven clamped his hand over my mouth from behind.

"Shhhhh." I stopped it was uncomfertable with him pressed to my back and his hand over my mouth.

He let go and moved in front of me and clapped his hands and whistled a song type and the bees came by me and observed me.

"What am I supposed to do now?" I whispered.

"Just hold your hand out and let them land on you. Be calm do not jerk away." He said calmly.

I did they landed on me besides one.

"I forgot to tell you." he paused I looked at him.


"The bee that is looking at you likes you its loyal to you even though your new here the bee knows that it has a connection to you which means at night the bee will stay in your room and follow you around."

I must have looked shocked he laughed a nice laughed.

"Okay put your hand down." I did and they swarmed off besides the small bee.

Steven stepped forward, "You can name your bee and turned her."



"Sweet...can we go now?" He smiled a crooked smile. "Yea."

We left the Bee Room with the bee following behind. I yawned.

"So what now" I asked after he showed me around we sat on a bench in the garden. "Mostly people hang around, talk, make friends, and train." He said to me.

"Oh" I said looking at some flowers where the bee was and was thinking of my family I noticed a few people was staring at me I waved and they looked away. I then heard yelling I got up and walked over there and saw a girl and a guy.

"Theres a newbie! you have to train her!" Yelled the girl.

"No you do! Your the one that found the girls parents you train the girl!" I saw Steven walked up...


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