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-Line Break-

'Lift your gown up' He said. I paused uncertain, if I should or not.

I pulled it to my side and he unwrapped the other bandage. He got in the medical kit and took out some meds to clean my wound. While he was cleaning it he touched some sensitive places near the wound. It stung so bad, that my eye's was watering. I kept flinching away from him, but he forced me to sit still.

When he looked up at me I saw pain in his eye's too, soon he finished cleaning and wrapping my wound, I put my dress down. I got off the bed.

'No. Lay down, Susan get some rest.' I stared at him uneasy again. 'Go ahead. Lay down.' He encouraged.

I got back onto the bed and laid down towards the wall. I closed my eye's not looking at Steven, slipping into a nice, deep sleep.

When I woke up, I saw Steven laying down next to me, sleeping. I sat up slowly, not trying to wake him up. I crawled over him successfully not waking him up.

Ugh.. I'm so bored. I can't wake him up.. He needs his sleep. I kept reminding myself.

That was when I noticed a knife on Steven's desk. It was cool looking.. I admitt, I have a weird fasincation with knifes. I walked over to his desk daring myself to pick it up. I reached towards it, then thought better of it and then reached towards it again. Finally I made up my mind after five minutes, I reached over towards the knife and picked it up. I didn't expect it to turn into a male.

Or transform into a good lookin guy, for that matter.

'You called?' The guy asked then stopped realizing I wasn't Steven.

Oh crap. I gulped.

'Your not Steven.' I shook my head no and growled at him.

He looked suprised like he never got growled at before. He raised a eyebrow. I pointed to the bed, 'Shhh!' I growled again. 'He's sleeping.'

The guy chuckled at me and stood to his full height. He had black hair and blue eye's like Steven's. I noted, studying him. I noticed his was staring at me. I looked down and saw the blood stain.

'What happened?' I looked away ashamed. 'Nothing! It's none of your business.' I said softly, still not trying to wake Steven up.

I sighed loudly. Then at that moment Steven rolled over. I froze and glared at the male that was in the room. 'Who are you?' I asked.

He sighed, 'I'm Steven's friend and also servent.' He explained.

'Oh.' I gasped and looked down, 'Who are you?'

'I'm Susan, Also known as 'The Nobody' I sighed and leaned back in Steven's chair, exhausted.

It got quiet for a little bit. Then Steven shot up in the bed looking frantic. 'SUSAN!'

'I'm right here!' I said worriedly, jumping up out of the chair. Pain shot threw my body. I gasped and doubled over in pain. Soon as Steven saw he got out of the bed rushing to me. He grabbed my arm, 'Susan! Why aren't you laying down! You'll hurt yourself again!'

I yanked my arm away standing straight, 'I'm fine. Leave me alone.'

'No!' He yelled at me. The male that was there was staring at us.

'You should've let me die!' I screamed pushing him away.

-Line Break!-

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