Present Day

Jude's POV

I had ignored the umbrella on the seat in my car despite the stormy sky. The clouds above threatened to release onto the earth below while the wind picked up bending the trees above. Never in my life did I think I would be standing in a cemetery waiting to watch a casket that contained the man I loved being lowered into the ground. Approaching the burial site I lowered my sunglasses over my tear-filled red eyes. On the provided chairs sat Charles and Jennifer Henri, the brother and sister-in-law of the deceased. Beside them sat their son Chuck and his paternal grandparents Linda and Reginald Henri. They all looked my direction and away just as fast. As far as they were concerned I was the reason they were all here. Tristan Henri had committed suicide because I, Jude Forlaine, refused to make any form of contact with him. No one wanted me here.

It was no secret that Tristan was fond of me, his twenty three year old assistant. Everyone kept telling him to 'fire her because she was bad news' but he never listened. To him we were friends but to me we were soul mates. I had fallen in love with him despite our age difference. Even though Tristan was forty two years old there was nothing on him that showed it. His hair was still the deep black color that highlighted his amazing grey eyes; his face showed no sign of aging and his body was that of a way younger guy. I know of the last factor because I had seen him on his way to the shower after a long workout. Tristan Henri was the only man for me. I knew who Tristan was and I wanted him.

But he didn't want me. He had turned me away after I made my move and kissed him about a month before his death. He had kissed me back for a moment. But as that moment was over he forced me off him and apologized.

I stopped in my tracks the instant it dawned on me that the casket was open. The last time I saw Tristan was that day I quit my job. He had argued with his brother about us. Charles Henri did not approve of the relationship because Tristan did nothing without asking for my opinion instead of him and Tristan went nowhere without me by his side. Charles had told him prancing around with a twenty- three year old female was not good for their reputation. Tristan replied by saying if he was taking a trip to the moon he was taking me with him and there was nothing Charles could do to stop him.

And Charles was right. My reputation had suffered tremendously. Everyone had speculated that we were romantically involved and I was labeled the boss' slut. Tired of the unwanted whispering Charles had secretly asked me to resign. I knew he had my best interest at heart but he had approached the situation badly and made me cry. Tristan, who had been eavesdropping, dismissed his brother and tried to convince me that what Charles had said was not true but I knew better. I only apologized for causing so much tension between him and his brother before walking out. He had called my phone constantly after I left but I never answered. Eventually he gave up and just left a bunch of voice messages. Now I wished I had answered my cell phone. He would be okay if I did. He wouldn't have committed suicide because I walked out on him. Now I knew he had secretly loved and couldn't live without me.

I took one step forward, saw Tristan's unmoving body via the open casket and took off in a run away from the burial site. The rain started drizzling but quickly changed to a light shower. By the time I got to my car I was soaked from head to toe, breathing heavily and had lost both shoes. I leaned my muddy self onto my black Porsche to catch my breath. Tristan had gotten me it as an early birthday present. I stood there for quite some time in the rain allowing the water to caress my aching body. Tristan was gone and once again my life was empty. I had no one to call my own.

Van's POV

Jude reeked of sex appeal. The black suit she wore accentuated every curve she had. And Jude had a lot of curves. Her lower body held your eyes instantly. She had that coke bottle shape I didn't know existed and instantly bad thoughts entered my mind. No wonder Tristan refused to end their fling. Jude was gorgeous. From what I had seen of her anyway. She always had those sunglasses over her eyes but her long blonde hair and her figure was enough to hold my attention. I was never a blonde guy but her hair begged my hands to come hither. She should not have showed up though. Things were bad already as it was. I could tell that from where I stood.

As I looked at the crowd gathered to witness the burial of my brother, from a distance, I located my parents, my brother and his awful family. They didn't even know I was here and none of them bothered to contact me when Tristan died. Exactly why I hated them all. Despite my problems with them this was something that I should be informed about. Not be kept in the dark. But to them my existence was and always will be nothing. Because the only thing that mattered to them was Tristan's fortune. They all depended on him in the past and now that he was dead they were all waiting to split his assets amongst themselves.

But they would all be surprised when they saw I was back to wreak havoc on their lives. They could do whatever the hell they wanted with his money. None of that bothered me because I did not want anything to do with it. But there was one thing I wanted and I did not plan on leaving here without it. Tristan's digital diary. He went nowhere without it and the last time I saw it we were in his penthouse and it was in his hands. I didn't plan on staying in town because I had my own miserable life to get back to but now that my initial plans had gone sour I wanted to make their lives worst while I figured out why Tristan dragged me here in the first place.

Suddenly Jude began sprinting in the opposite direction. I looked around to figure out why she was running but there was no one behind her and nothing out of the ordinary. The rain started and intensified. I got on the motorcycle I came here on, pulled on my helmet and headed back to Tristan's penthouse. I'd been staying there for the past few weeks without anyone knowing and I intended to keep it that way for the mean time. When I'm ready things would start to unfold and I couldn't wait to make it happen.

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