The Long-Ass Author's Note Preceding the Story

Hello. The concept of this story began as one of my usual fantasies for videogames. It would be a role-playing, Science fiction game. Then, I thought I would tap into my old and dying passion as a writer, and trying to produce a story out of this. Since it was initially a visual concept, the chapters of this will be rough, sketchy, and will take a long time to produce. It is a post-apocalyptic story, with characters of varying Ethnicities. I would advice an open mind with this story, I am not going to give any specific warnings that ruin future events for the rare reader, but I am going to ask you to be ready for anything. I am probably going to let this note sit for a day or two before posting the first chapter, to make sure that it has been read, and to also see how popular this story would be before posting it. I will, however, provide a plot summary. The protagonist of this story is a boy, nineteen years of age, named Parker Colton. Parker Colton's father, the enigmatic and clandestine Dean of the University, a research centre which has been for many years attempting to find the solution to the virus that broke out years prior to the story, has just passed away, leaving his estranged son to perform the final step to a process that has been going on for years. Parker, according to his father's dying wish, is to transport a dangerous Subject to another facility with the assistance of his father's former bodyguard, the bitter and often patronising David Chang. This is as much as I can tell you without giving away the whole story. I hope you do read and enjoy. I will post the first chapter tomorrow or the day after, depending on how viable that is.