Chapter 1:

By SirSearon"He that can have patience, can have what he will"

-Benjamin Franklin

I sit with my legs crossed rocking back and fourth. I cannot handle it anymore; it's been days since my body has had any nourishment. I keep looking at the window of my apartment with the black shade covering it. Light still penetrates against it. It's not dark yet. I look around to find something to distract me. I could turn on my 32" HD TV and watch cable, but what is the point, it'll just make me hungry.

I look from the TV to the black leather recliner in front of it. All I have in this apartment is a leather recliner and a desk and chair. I could read a book while I wait for sunset to be over. I look around to see my several bookshelves; there ought to be something in there I haven't read.

I feel the soft cushion of red carpet beneath my bare feet. I had just replaced it and the pad myself last summer, and I am happy I did. The texture feels so nice under my callused feet. Besides that… the color… is so convenient. I shake my head from such thoughts; I can't let it control me.

I have my books organized into categorized bookshelves: history, mythical & fantasy fiction, encyclopedias, vampire fiction, and vampire truth. I have too many books. It does get boring during the day. I walk over to the encyclopedias and look at the first two books: Dictionary and Thesaurus. I pick up the dictionary and head to my recliner.

As I sit I feel something under my tailbone as I lean back. I sit forward and grab a Playstation 3 controller from behind me and toss it forward. It crashes to the ground and is now the only thing on my spotless floor. Stupid Resident Evil being addictive. I lean back in the recliner and head back to my last spot.

Spontaneous: Adj- said or done without having been planned or written in advance. Adj- happening or arising without apparent external cause.

I glance back at the window, there is no more light trying to fight its way through. I jump up from my seat and quickly put the Dictionary back in its place. I pick up the Playstation controller and set it on my oak entertainment center.

I slowly open the door and stay behind it. I notice no sunlight entering my apartment. I test with my finger as I look around my apartment making sure I don't see anything I need to pick up. Once I'm fine with my apartment's appearance I take a step out of the door.

It's not dark yet, but the sunlight has faded behind the horizon. I look around the apartment complex as I walk. It is too white here. I almost make it to my car when Dustin stops me.

"Hey Tristan. Are you busy tonight? Do you want to play some Playstation?" he asks.

I flinch at the smell of him, the smell of his blood. He smells of pizza and junk food. Not even worth it, and besides I could never cause anything too close to home. I have grown too fond of Dustin anyway, we've known to hangout a few times at the bar playing pool.

"Perhaps a bit later Dustin, I have some things to take care of first," I say.

"Alright man, I'll catch you later," he says.

I nod to him as I hop in my '91 Z28 metallic blue Camaro. The T-Tops are already in the trunk because I knew it wasn't going to rain. I sit in the driver's seat and pop the stick in first gear and slam on the gas.

I cruise downtown while I mess with my Droid phone and smelling the air. Everyone only smells alright tonight. Finally I come across a nightclub where I smell exotic fruit. I park the Camaro and start walking.

I see her, blond hair and blue eyes. She smells so good, and she's alone and drunk. It was time to put on my charm.

"Excuse me ma'am, are you trying to find your car?" I ask.

She looks around the parking lot, searching for something.

"Yes it's here somewhere, a red Eclipse," she says.

I'm already in front of her and she jumps. She is clueless, but now she is scared. She tries to back off and attempts to run, but I catch her and knock her into a car, her car. She lays on the ground unconscious as I bite her neck and drain a few pints of blood. It tastes so good I could drain her dry, but I stop myself. I never kill and she will live, but she will be weak tomorrow. Some of my strength is back as I pick her up and set her in her driver's seat. She will think she passed out in her car.

It's not enough and I am still hungry as I head back to my car. I sit down and step on the gas as I head further into town and park by a parking meter. As I step out of the car I grab change and slip it into the meter and after it's green I break it.

I start walking around desperate through the alleyways hoping to find someone alone. I feel like I've gone to the past, searching in alleys for food. I hear the piercing scream of a woman echo through the valley. I run forward towards the scream as I see nothing but blurs for the buildings.

I stop and stare at three men wrestling a beautiful woman down. I start to take a step forward but stop when I recognize the men. They are vampires and this was their dinner. I take one last look at the blond sighing as I turn around. There is nothing I can do, I can't kill them and can't interfere with their meal.

I turn the corner when I hear yells and swearing. I stop in my tracks as I hear the sound of shattering dust in the wind. I rush back to look as only two vampires are left with horrified looks on their faces. The blond is either unconscious or dead on the ground, but there is someone else.

I look at the woman who is scaring the vampires. She is tall, brunette, and petite, but muscular. She wears white robes, but is barefoot. Her toes are painted white as well as her fingernails. In her right hand she holds… a stake. I back away in horror as she kicks one vampire to the ground and stakes the other in the heart.

I run. Hopefully she didn't see me, but who was she? I need to find out. I find my car and sit down in the seat, my breadth finally exhaling, as if I need to breath.

"I know what you are," a melodic voice says.

I jump and my head crashes against the roof of my car. I curse under my breath as I jump out. She gets out of the car and takes a step towards me with the stake still in her hand.

"Please," I say. "You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do, vampires are a blight on society, and the innocent killing has to stop," she says.

The grip on her stake tightens.

"But I don't kill!" I yell.

"Liar!" she says.

She lunges at me but I dodge it. I turn around to feel a punch fracture my jaw. I shake my head in disbelief as I back up.

"You're not human," I say.

I look closer at her face, her beautiful green eyes, long lashes, and soft gentle sparkling lips. Her whole face is slightly glowing.

She doesn't say anything as she goes for a kick, which I dodge. She now tries going for my heart with the stake. I shove my hand in front of my chest and yell in pain as the stake tears through it.

I step back and tear the stake out of my hand. My teeth grit and I look at her. I roundhouse kick towards her head, but she ducks which allows me to trip her. She's on the ground as I jump on top of her and slam the stake down inches from her chest. She stares at me frightened. I stand up and throw the stake down the alley.

"What are you?" I ask.

She stands up and takes a step forward glowing more so than she was earlier. She pulls off her white cloak and drops it to the ground. Two white objects from her back begin expanding above her head. Wings. They both come down and rest at her side. They are beautiful and full of white feathers.

I stare back into her eyes, luring me in.

"You're an Angel…" I say.

The expression on her face is grim. She looks back at me and nods her head.