I was predicted to be a Vampire's Bride!


My grandmother is hiding something from me I can feel it. She doesn't look at me when she's talking, it's as if she's looking right through me or talking to whatever is behind me. She won't tell me what it is. Whenever I ask her she says 'it's nothing to worry about.' But, still I worry.

I feel as if something or someone is coming, what or who I do not know. Every day I look behind me at school or out my bedroom window to see if whatever it is has come. I think my grandmother feels it too. She keeps glancing at the calendar in her kitchen, counting on her fingers as if she's waiting for whatever is coming.

It wasn't until my sixteenth birthday that I found out who my grandmother was expecting. It was no ordinary person either…. It was a vampire.

Chapter 1

I woke to an ordinary school day in my hometown in Delaware. I turned off my cell phone alarm and began getting ready for another boring day at James Mason High School, a public high school in my hometown of Newark. I put on a white t-shirt, dark, hip-hugger jeans, and my favorite purple hoodie with a black stripe where the zipper runs, and black sneakers.

Today was going to be the beginning of my Junior year. Now, you must be wondering why I say 'ordinary school day.' Well, it's because I'm so used to my school day routine that I am able to swing from my summer to school routines so fluently that it seemed that summer never came and school never ended.

I put a binder with filler paper, a folder, and some pencils in my purple backpack and walked to my bathroom that I share with my older brother, Ben. I brushed my teeth, hair, washed my face, and put in my contacts. I then grabbed my bag, banged on my brother's door to wake him up, he goes to the local college and is in his last year. I heard him grumble a 'go away,' took that as a sign that he was awake and hurried downstairs.

When I entered the kitchen my mom was already there, still in her morning robe, with a cup of coffee and my lunch packed with leftovers from the previous night. Dad was still sleeping since he was able to work from home.

"Morning, mom."

"Morning, hun," she gave me a warm smile. I tried to smile back but, I'm not a morning person.

"So, Junior year huh, time sure flies by," she said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Yup," putting in a Pop-tart into the toaster.

We waited in silence as I noticed the clock read six-fifty, giving my ten minutes before I had to leave for school. A few minutes later my breakfast popped. I placed in on a napkin, sucking on my thumb and pointer finger to take out the sting, and sat down to eat.

"Your grandmother wants to see you after school, Adrienne." I nodded my head as I ate, showing her that I heard and understood her.

We were comfortable with the silence that followed, we both didn't mind it. I then heard the water running from the bathroom that I and Ben share and figured it was around seven, since that's about the time Ben decided to take his showers and grabbed my house keys from the row of hooks near the door, Mom followed behind seeing me off.

"I'll see you after I see Grandma, 'kay," I said, giving Mom a hug.

"I'll see you then. Be safe, don't talk to strangers, and don't be late" she said, giving me a squeeze. I nooded.

I went out into the cool morning and began my walk to school. It was only a twenty minute walk from my house and I had time to spare so I decided to stroll and take in the nature around me as I strolled to school.

My house was on a more woody part of town where large woods surrounded the town at least two-thirds. The street had a few cars on it but other than that it was relatively quiet, with an occasional group walking to school like me. I looked at the trees and listened to the birds sing their morning songs. I could smell the different flowers that neighbors had planted. I wanted this walk to last forever, if only it would be just a bit quieter than I could have really been able to enjoy the bird songs.

As I was nearing school I had that feeling again, I was being watched. I thought I saw a figure from the corner of my eye and turned around. Nothing, nothing was there. I could have sworn I saw something. I was still thinking about it and still had that feeling as I entered the school right on time.

Here's Ch.1! Ch.2 will be up very soon. This may be a short story, depending on how long it takes for me to end it. It's going to be a Vampire Romance, in case you're wondering. R&R plz!

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