Monday 25th April 2011

10:51 AM

Sun sun suuuuuun.

And guess what I am doing?!

I am stuck inside revising. WOOO.

Except somehow I don't think I am going to get 100% on this exam like I have planned. I somehow seem to fail at memorising anatomy stuff.

I desperately need to pass this exam!

TWO DAYS until I go back to my house at uni for a few days. I cannot wait to see everyone!

I have just made a playlist for Reading Festival in August. It only has 309 songs on though. I seem to lack a lot of music!

I have rediscovered my teenage love for My Chemical Romance. I can't stop listening to them! Although some of their songs can be a bit depressing to listen to while revising.

Ok I'm going to get back to revising Synovial Joints now. FUN TIMES.

Fo shizzle.