He's taller than you; enough so that when you hug your nose brushes his collarbone. He personally smells of nothing really, but he wears a cologne that you'd know anywhere. You can smell it as he slings his arms over your shoulders, you can smell it when you stand next to him.

You'll don't hold hands that often, it feels weird. You'll aren't dating, there's no need for public displays of affection. It's those small gestures that count, though. The way he smiles at you when you'll share an inside joke, the way his hand brushes yours when you'll sit side by side at the movies.

He's the first one to give you his jacket when you're cold; personally, you prefer the way he hugs you to keep you warm. He's over at your place all the time, you don't find this awkward and neither does he. Your silences are comfortable and your laughter is genuine.

On the weekend he sleeps over, it's obvious he'll be sleeping in your bed. Where else would he sleep? It's not uncomfortable and it isn't romantic. It's your common need for affection. He doesn't find it weird when he pulls you to him. He hugs you and you smile; this is nice. You can feel him, as he rests is chin atop your head. You can feel his chest push against you as he breathes in and out … in and out… in and out. He smiles as you nuzzle closer. You bury your nose into his neck. Breathe in and out… in and out… in and out.

In the morning you wake up, smile and go about your day. He smiles as he tells you about this girl he likes and you laugh as you tease him. This isn't love, it's affection … and you wouldn't have it any other way.