the dates on the calendar
were mixed up, numbers
which flew through the stars,
scraping the sides of
rocketships. (it was just a
case of algebraic hostage;
the functions I could never
understand had taken me)

polysaccharides rush to
my tummy on the bus as the
sun sets over my head,
which would implode with
the strain of information
inflating like a balloon,
but ever questioned that phrase-
everything is possible?
according to my chemistry
textbook, nothing is anymore.

I'm wrapped up in notes,
my limbs cannot move,
they are fluid in the exam hall,
I regurgitate the words put
into my mouth by the books
and 'teachers' who have
and what do I know about the
world outside the classroom?

(but it's alright to be ignorant,
as long as I know what
the periodic table means
and the value of x in a
quadratic mess)